Riley Keough's Reaction to Grandma Priscilla Presley Challenging Mom Lisa Marie's Trust

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Days after her grandmother Priscilla Presley came forward to contest Lisa Marie's trust, Riley Keough expressed her feelings on the development. The star actress is said to be unhappy about the turn of events, as Priscilla keeps pushing for a probe of the trust.

Riley Keough's Reaction To Priscilla's Very Recent Actions

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According to an insider that spoke to ET, Riley "is disappointed" that Priscilla is taking a step to challenge the authenticity of her mother's trust. The source noted that Riley thinks her grandmother's challenge is "against" her late mom's wishes.

Riley Wants Her Family To be United

The source continued talking about how Riley felt while noting that the 33-year-old "wants to keep the family together and keep Lisa Marie's legacy in a positive light." However, Riley seems to feel that her grandmother is jeopardizing this and keeping the family further apart. The insider added that Riley found the whole situation upsetting because she wants to have a relationship with Priscilla, but with the latest issue, they are not close.

Lisa Marie And Priscilla Had A Complicated Relationship

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The insider went on to speak about Lisa Marie and Priscilla's relationship when the former was alive. They made it known that their mother-daughter rapport was complicated. The pair reportedly did not have a healthy relationship. "Lisa Marie was struggling, and it definitely put a strain on her relationship with her mother," the source mentioned. "Lisa Marie always felt Priscilla was trying to have control over her."

Lisa Marie Reportedly Wanted Her Kids To Inherit Her Trust

As the individual explained, the late songstress always had it planned that she would leave her belongings and trust to her children. The mom-of-four always wanted her children to be beneficiaries of all she owned because they meant the world to her and she "would do anything for them." In the wake of her death, it was revealed that Riley and her late brother Benjamin Keough were made co-trustees of Lisa Marie's trusts.

Her Daughters Inherited Graceland

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After the iconic daughter of the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, passed away, she left her grand estate, Graceland, to her daughter Riley and her twin daughters Harper and Finley. Lisa Marie herself had inherited the property from her late father when she was only nine years old.

How Priscilla Is Contesting The Valdity Of Her Daughter's Trust

Towards the end of January, Priscilla was in the news for filing legal documents disputing the terms of Lisa Marie's trust. The court document, which was filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, challenged the validity of a 2016 amendment to Lisa Marie's living trust. The content removed Priscilla and a former business manager as trustees. In their place were Riley and Benjamin, both Lisa Marie's oldest children. A trust serves the purpose of a will if none has been filed.

Priscilla's Concern About The Trust

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She stated that there were discrepancies, one of which was that she was not contacted or informed when the changes were made. She also pointed out that her name was misspelled in the document that was supposedly signed by her daughter. She also stated the lack of a witness, as she requested that the judge consider the trust null and void.

A Defense For Riley

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Joel Weinshanker, a managing partner at Elvis Presley Enterprises, has shared his opinion in favor of Riley. He noted that when Elvis died, he left all his property to his only child, knowing that she would carry on his legacy. Weinshaker made it known that throughout her lifetime, Lisa Marie was committed to making sure Elvis' legacy survived. He stated in the same vein that Lisa Marie had no doubt that her daughter would be capable of carrying on after her.