Wild Swingers: Florida Retirement Village Residents Use Unique Loofah System To Show Their Sexual Preferences

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The Villages
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This Florida village, popular for its swingers scene, is back in the news again. This time, a viral video shows a color-themed loofah system newly adopted by the older section of the population, and interestingly, they represent the loofah owner's sexual preferences.

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Colored Loofahs

Colored Loofahs
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The video was posted by drag queen Tora Himan and has gathered millions of views as it shows a series of photos of vehicles parked with different hues of colored loofah hanging off their bodies.

A Color-Coded Loofah System

Apparently, the color-coded loofah system is used by the senior swingers to give a clear representation of their individual sexual preference.

The World's Largest Retirement Community

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The settlement is located in Florida and tagged as Florida's The Villages. It's the world's largest retirement community, doubles the size of Manhattan, covers five zip codes, and has more than 130,000 residents.

A Thriving Market For Viagra

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News outlets had previously reported that the community had a bubbling swingers' scene and was a sweet spot for the sales of black-market Viagra.

A Loofah Chart

The TikTok video didn't stop with the location, it also showed a chart that reveals the meanings behind each loofah color, and it was previously shared on Reddit about three years ago. According to details on the chart, a White loofah means the owner is a beginner and a novice.

Purple and Pink Loofahs

Purple Sponge
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These brightly colored loofahs have interesting meanings. For purple, it means you're a voyeur while pink indicates a soft swap or people who like to do it with others in an enclosed space.

Blue Loofahs

This one is for the lowest level of full swap and those who can play well with other people.

Yellow, Black and Teal Loofahs

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The remaining three popular colors are associated with a mid-level swap for those who intend to have all the fun and are holding back because they're nervous. Black means full swap for those who don't care and want to enjoy the full experience. Teal loofahs mean bisexual, and it's for those who intend to increase their dating chances.

Responding To Tora's TikTok Video

The viral video has since garnered attention from many viewers on TikTok. One viewer commented.

"I work in the village we have a paper in our desk to see what's what when we see them drive by or clients get out of cars."

Another one said they often visited there as their parents lived there. One other user claimed the villagers denied being swingers.

The last comment read, "The loofa thing in The Villages has been going on for a long long time. At least 20+ years."

It's Not What It Looks Like!

However, some groups are convinced that the loofahs were there for very different purposes. One of which is for finding the cars.

A Myth

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On the Reddit post, someone who claimed to have worked at the settlement insisted that the loofah system was nothing but a myth, and he was sure of this because he had stayed there for over three years.

He further stated that these people were old and could barely stand without assistance, which threw the "swingers" claim away.

Some Really Skeptical Views

Amid the trending discussion, some sects hold very skeptical views, with one of the viewers saying.

"Just because they can't walk doesn't mean they can't swing." while another chipped in "It's so cute that you think that,' another added.

Word From Some Who Own 2 Houses In 'The Villages'

This person proved the "swingers" claim right with his comment.

"As someone that owns 2 houses there I can tell you its absolutely true. City Fire [bar] on the weekends, or just about any night really, is a sure fire way to get some."

'The Villages'

Golf Course
Unsplash | ping lee

The location spans over 32 square miles and is great for ages 55+ who seek to enjoy life as their happy hour starts at 11 am. It boasts various margarita mixers, unlimited golf courses, a careless attitude toward sex, and a hub of controversial politics.

"All of the women work hard to look good. But it's more than just a social thing. Turn your back for a minute and someone will try to steal your husband. With 10 women to every man, you can't afford to let your guard slip." says Belinda Beard, 62.
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