Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie and Wife Welcome a Bundle of Joy

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Brendon Urie and his wife, Sarah
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Panic! At The Disco's, Brendon Urie and his wife, Sarah, welcomed their baby a few days after announcing the pop band was disbanding. The 35-year-old couple have been married for ten years and have been together for longer.

Good News For The Fans

Brendon and Sarah's new bundle of joy is their first child in ten years of marriage. In his Instagram post, he shared to announce the band's end and that he is more excited about becoming a father.

Focusing On Being A Father

Although it wasn't the only reason, Brendon's new state as a father influenced the decision to end the band after almost 20 years of being together. Urie has now deleted all posts from his 3.9 million-following Instagram.

The End Of An Era

In the post, he thanked fans for their support in the past 19 years but explained that sometimes things end because it's time. Urie said he appreciates all his fans, from the old ones who've been there since 2004 to the new ones who discovered then in the late 2010s.

Success As A Solo Act

Urie had some solo moments including the hit single, ME! with Taylor Swift which earned him a VMA for Best Visual Effects and and EMA for Best Video.

Not A Shock

Brendon Urie performing as Panic! At The Disco
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Panic! At the Disco ending isn't a shock to fans as the original members already left by 2015 even though Urie continued performing under the name.

Fans Would Miss Urie

Brendon Urio perfoming live
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Fans thanked the band for being there through tough times, as most of their lyrics are empowering. Songs like High Hopes encourages people to go after their dreams as Urie did. He encouraged them to join the band on its final leg of the Viva Las Vengeance tour in the UK/Europe.

Final Lap In UK

The tour ends in March as they started in Sept. 2022 and has the following stars as supporting acts - Beach Bunny, Jake Wesley Roger, Marina, and Fletcher.

The Baby Is Healthy

Although close sources spoke to TMZ and confirmed the baby's birth before Urie's announcement, the couple keeps its sex and name private. The source told the publication that the child arrived in good health earlier this week.

Sexuality And Marriage

Urie met his wife through Hayley Williams of Paramore in 2009. They dated for four years before getting married in 2013. In 2018, the singer identified as pansexual despite being married to his wife for five years.