Denied: Marc Jacobs Declines Entry to Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon in NYC

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Lourdes Leon
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Marc Jacobs had its runway show for the upcoming Spring/Summer season on Thursday night with A-list stars making an appearance.

However, one model didn't make the list - Lourdes Leon. When Madonna's model daughter and a friend got to the venue at Park Avenue Armory, they couldn't enter.

Fashion Reject At The Door

The Marc Jacobs event was an invite-only affair, meaning non-invited guests couldn't enter, nor could anyone come late.

They attempted to use their celebrity status to enter the venue, but the security guards didn't allow it. Paparazzi outside the venue captured them making calls and trying to gain access but it didn't work.

Returning Home

After lingering outside and trying to get in to no success, Leon and her friend left Park Avenue. They didn't let the embarrassment faze them as they laughed their way into a waiting SUV.

Y2K Fashion In 2023

The singer and model dressed in a denim-on-denim ensemble channeling the Nineties baby in her. The maxi skirt had a thigh-high slit showing off her white knee-high boots, while her jacket hung off the shoulder and teased her cleavage in a bustier top.

Leon Arrived Late

Leon accessorized her look with a silky straight black weave and a multi-colored shoulder bag made of two-toned denim. According to sources, her entry denial wasn't because of a no-invite violation but because she was late.

You're Late If You're On Time

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It seemed odd because the show was slated to start by 6:00 p.m. and that's when Leon arrived at the venue. The security at the door appeared to operate under the instruction of not letting anyone indoors once the show started.

The star-studded show had top models and reality TV stars in the venue. Emily Ratajkowski debuted her new haircut at the show, while Nicky Hilton Rothschild and Ashley Graham sat in the front row at the event.

Model of the year for 2022, Bella Hadid led the runway.

First Campaign With Marc Jacobs

In 2021, Leon starred in Marc Jacobs' Spring campaign and was its face like her mother some years before. It wasn't her first time modeling but it marked the beginning of high fashion campaigns for Leon.

The Spring 2023 Show

Marc Jacobs Spring Collection consisted of oversized coats, maxi skirts, and chunky boots - exaggerated versions of Leon's ensemble for the night.

No Comments From Either Camp

Marc Jacobs hasn't addressed the incident with Leon and her friend, nor has the model said anything about it. People aren't sure if it'll color the relationship between Leon, Madonna, and Marc Jacobs.