Final Text of Nicola Bulley Before She Vanished

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It has been one week since Lancashire mom Nicola Bulley took her dog on a walk and mysteriously disappeared. While the search for Bulley is still on, investigations have commenced and her last message sent minutes before she was last sighted has been unearthed.

The Content Of Bulley's Last Message

According to reports, Bulley had texted a pal and planned a play date before leading her dog on a walk. The message was sent around 8:57 a.m. Bulley also logged onto a Teams call as she walked her pet along the River Wyre in Lancashire. This information was shared with locals during a village meeting.

Details Surrounding Her Last Contact

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Bulley, who works as a mortgage expert, addressed the message to a friend who she recently assisted in signing off her mortgage. The plan was to arrange for the women to go for a tea date "this week." This account of Bulley's final text was shared by a local who chose to remain anonymous.

The source added that this was evidence that Bulley was not someone who intentionally disappeared. The person stated, "You wouldn't have done that if you were going to get up and go missing."

The Timeline Of Bulley's Walk And Disappearance

As DailyMail reports, at about 8:43 a.m. in the morning, Bulley took a walk after dropping her kids off at school. Seven minutes later, a fellow dog walker who was also a familiar face saw Bulley walking her dog along the lower field. The individual shared that their dogs interacted for a little while before the witness left the field area of the river.

Another Witness Sighted Her

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A second eyewitness who also knew Bulley shared that they saw her walking on the upper field of the river with her dog, Willow. The time was approximately 9:10 a.m. Bulley's call log showed that she ended her Teams call at 9:30 a.m., but stayed logged on. Five minutes after that, the Inskip resident's mobile phone was found on a bench alongside her dog. The items were discovered by another dog walker.

The Last Sighting

In retrospect, the last time the Lancashire mom was seen was around 9:10 a.m. She was dressed in a long black gilet jacket with a hood, black jeans, and olive green ankle wellingtons. Willow's harness was found on the ground, and around 10:15 a.m., the individual who found the dog raised an alarm.

The Search For Bulley

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Since authorities were alerted, a search has been convened on the stretch of the river where Bulley was last sighted. More information showed that her friends will gather in the late part of the day to try and retrace her steps in an attempt to jog memories of those in that area.

It Is Termed An 'Unusual' Incident

According to Howard Millington, a former police detective with 30 years of experience, Bulley's case is "very unusual" and "very concerning." He explained how the situation would have quickly escalated because the Lancashire police spared no expense in sourcing adequately.

A Second Possible Witness

Yesterday authorities issues an appeal for a possible witness who was also caught on camera around the same time, Bulley was last seen. The woman, who has been identified as Christine Bowman, revealed that she did not see Bulley on the path while walking her own dog.

Bulley's Family Weigh In On The Situation

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Bulley's sister Louise Cunningham made a public plea noting that "something has got to have been missed." Cunningham added for the effect that people don't "just vanish into thin air," as she relayed that someone must know something. She shared, "There has got to be somebody who knows something and all we are asking is, no matter how small or big, if there is anything you remember that doesn't seem right, then please reach out to the police."

Cunningham Shared The State of Her Family

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She made it known that Bulley's disappearance has made them feel like they were "stuck in a nightmare." She noted how the family "was going round in circles to piece together what happened."

She added that they needed to "keep an open mind," Cunnigham relayed that she hoped her sister was still out there because her family and kids wanted her home. She described them as a close-knit family.

Who is Nicola Bulley?

Nicolas Bulley, from Inskip, Lancashire, is a 5'3" woman with light brown hair that measures to her shoulders. Her parents are Ernest and Dot Bulley, while her partner is Paul Ansell. A distraught Ansell described the situation as a "perpetual heel." He noted that their children, two girls, needed their mother home.

What Her Parents Had To Say

Bulley's parents revealed that the 45-year-old was in high spirits when she went on the walk. According to their deduction, nothing seemed to be amiss. Her father voiced their worst fear of never seeing her again while dreading thoughts of how to deal with that for the rest of their lives.

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