Kirstie Alley's Lavish Mansion Bought From Lisa Marie Presley Is Now on the Market

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Kirstie Alley
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Late Emmy Award-winning actress Kirstie Alley's mansion is on the market for $6 million. It formerly belonged to the late Lisa Marie Presley, who sold it to her for $1.5 million in the early 2000s.

What's In The House?

The waterfront Clearwater, Florida property is listed on The Dirtready for purchase. It's a late Nineties contemporary style home, on 7,800 sq. ft. with five bedrooms scattered on three floors.

The Bed And Bathrooms

Each of the bedrooms has five bathrooms (and two half baths), with some of them remodeled recently. It's split into two residences: the main and guest house. The mansion has ample garage space for enough guests to park their vehicles.

Suitable For Entertaining Guests

The Clearwater property is perfect for people who love hosting big events. There's enough space for everyone thanks to its large staircases, multiple living rooms, dining rooms, and a huge updated kitchen area where the magic happens.

Privacy When You Want

There's a butler's pantry and a breakfast nook for private meals when the homeowner isn't hosting a grand event. The bathrooms had interesting motifs but were changed to simple plain-colored walls during the remodeling.

A Relaxing Swimming Pool

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There's a beautiful blue pool flanked by beautiful trees, flowers, and pool furniture. Alley had monkeys in those trees when she was alive but let them go some years before she passed away in 2022.

Nested In A Close-Knit Private Community

The Islesboro community, where the mansion is situated, is a private space accessible by water (using a ferry) or air (using a helicopter). There aren't many celebrity houses in that area, but the Clearwater mansion is close to John Travolta's home.

The Best Parts Of The Mansion

The most endearing part of Alley's home isn't that it once belonged to the Emmy winner or Elvis Presley's daughter but its seamless fusion of modern and old themes.

The whimsical décor inside the mansion with the contemporary dimensions make it unique. Most of the old, frilly designs received a facelift after Alley's death.

Scientologists Haven

Kirstie Alley riding her bicycle
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The area is allegedly a Scientologist hub, with Alley being a known member and Travolta, a part-time resident, also a member of the religion. Presley also became entangled with Scientology through her mother, Priscilla.

The Deaths Of Lisa Marie & Kirstie Alley

Alley died of cancer on December 5, 2022, while Presley passed away from an apparent heart attack on January 12, 2023.