T.J. Holmes' ex, Marilee Fiebig, says goodbye to her wedding ring

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T.J. Holmes
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T.J. Holmes's estranged wife, Marilee Feibig, has bid the marriage a final goodbye by ditching her wedding band. According to photographs that dropped from her first outing since ABC terminated Holmes's contract, her wedding band was absent on her ring finger.

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Bye Wedding Band

TJ Holmes and Marilee Fiebig
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The 45-year-old was spotted on the streets of New York on Thursday evening holding a large bouquet of red roses and all smiles. This outing is her first since the termination of her ex-husband's contract with ABC after a series of stories about his cheating spree dripped.

Keeping It Stylish

Marilee Fiebig
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The immigration attorney opted for a white turtleneck beneath a long black coat paired with matching black slacks and boots. She looked flawless as she let her dark, curly hair flow in the wind while flashing a sweet smile at the camera.

T.J. Holmes Filed For Divorce Last Year

Less than a month after the news of T.J. Holmes's messy affair with co-host Amy Robach made headlines, he filed for divorce from Fiebig on December 28, 2022.

T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Fired From ABC

T.j. Holmes and Amy Robach
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Last Friday, the pair, still dating, were served letters terminating their contract with ABC and their hosting position of Good Morning America 3. A series of meditations allegedly went in before the network settled on their final decision.

An Open Secret

While Fiebig was completely blindsided and shocked by the news of the affair when it broke out, sources had revealed that it was an "open secret" among the Good Morning America cast and crew.

Other People Were Involved

Upon ABC's investigations following the big reveal. Holmes reportedly had affairs with three other employees, including married producer Natasha Singh, Jasmin Pettaway whom he allegedly had sexual intercourse with in his office, and junior staff.

A Not-so-good Anniversary Message

In March 2020, Holmes's anniversary message to his wife raised the dust of suspicion among fans, especially when he admitted that he had given her plenty of reasons to leave him throughout their marriage which lasted for about 13 years. Hence, people quickly connected the dots when news of his cheating appeared.

Amy Robach

Robach and Holmes
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As for Robach, sources revealed last December that her divorce from her husband, Andrew Shue, is almost finalized, and the 55-year-old moved out of their shared house last year. Her relationship with Holmes reportedly began while they were training together for the March 2022 NYC Half Marathon, and she was very much married then.

Holmes And Fiebig

Fiebig and Holmes
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The ex-couple married in March 2010 and welcomed their first child, Sabine, in January 2013. The former ABC host is also a dad to Brianna and Jaiden from his previous marriage to Amy Ferson.