It's Time to Say Goodbye: Jennifer Lopez Leaves Behind Her Bel-Air Home After Marrying Ben Affleck

Cha Miñoza
Jennifer Lopez sporting a tight hair bun and wearing a sheer gown on the red carpet.
Getty | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Jennifer Lopez is ready to let go of her past to make room for her new life with Ben Affleck. Six months after the reunited couple tied the knot, the singer listed her Bel-Air estate with an asking price of $42.5 million.

The sprawling home was home to Lopez for six years and was lauded for being a "rare and extraordinary" estate.

Luxurious French Country Refuge

Originally designed by iconic architect Samuel Marx, the roughly 14,000-square-foot home features a cozy French Country design that's been outfitted with modern luxuries, including a home theater and spa.

It Has A Private Lake!

Sitting on an 8-acre land, the estate boasts expansive grounds that make it a prime location for entertaining guests. It has a 100-seat amphitheater, an entertainment pavilion, and guest cottages. It even has its own private lake and sandy beach!

A Big Profit

Lopez bought the property for only $28 million in 2016 from fellow actor Sela Ward. If the asking price is met, she will be gaining a big profit from the sale.

Real Estate Investments

The Bel-Air estate is just one among the swanky properties in her impressive real estate portfolio. Over the years, she has invested in hot spots, including the Hamptons, Bel-Air, New York, and Miami.

Project Destined

Her passion for real estate even inspired her to establish Project Destined with her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez. The program educates teens about financial literacy through real estate. It is unclear if the program is still active after her split with Rodriguez.

Bennifer 2.0

The rekindling of Bennifer came just months after Jennifer's split with A-Rod became public. The two started reconnecting and were having fun being friends again.

The Spark Was Still There

Rekindling the romance wasn't difficult because the sparks were still there, according to reports.

“When they first reconnected, they had to see if the spark was still there because it had been a while. It was, so now they are both fully in it,” a source tells ET.

Best Year Yet

Ben and Jen wed in July of last year and have now moved in together, blending their kids from their past marriages. Jen confirmed in an interview on the Today show that their families are currently living together and this has been her most phenomenal year yet.

"My best year I think since my kids were born," Jennifer said.

True Love Does Exist

In the same interview, Jen also teased her upcoming album This Is Me... Now, and how it is connected to her 2002 album This Is Me.

“The last time Ben and I were together to this album, it’s been such a journey,” she said. “The thing that I think I’ve been wondering about my whole life is like, ‘Is love real? Does true love exist?’ It’s two people kind of coming together and saying, you know, ‘I’m gonna be here no matter what and we’re gonna get through it together.'”