Julian Sands' Friends Voice Hopes and Concern 3 Weeks Since Disappearance

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Julian Sands
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It has been almost three weeks since actor Julian Sands went missing, but his loved ones are not losing hope as the search for him continues. Julian's pals are putting their trust in his ability as an experienced hiker to pull through the dire situation.

Julian's Pal Shared His Hopes

Amid the search for the British actor, Julian's fellow hiker, actor Kevin Ryan, opened up on how he believed in Sands' survival skills. Per Dailymail, Ryan described Sands as someone "beyond experienced," while adding that he hoped the Warlock actor was tucked away "somewhere and can pull through." He made it known that Sands was the most advanced hiker he knew and he would not have gone on the expedition without being prepared.

The Severe Weather Could Be A Challenge

Julian Sands
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Ryan continued that he thought the intense weather was something the missing actor could have found challenging. Despite sharing his hopes that Sands would be able to rely on his exceptional hiking skills, the star, who met the latter on Crossbones, made it known that each passing day brings more doubt.

Julian's Brother Earlier Weighed In On The Bleak Situation

Last week, Julian's brother Nick, who was gradually leaning towards the thought that something had happened to him, shared how he has been trying to cope. Nick opened up about being the "most positive person there is," who at first thought his brother was "hunkered down in a cave and was just keeping out of the weather." Nick stated that his brother was an experienced and passionate hiker who was expected back home on the same day he went out, but after he learned that Julian did not return home from Mount Baldy, he could not help but shed some tears.

What Happened To Julian Sands?

Julian Sands
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On Friday, January 13, Julian's family reported him missing, days after disappearing into Mount Baldy in Southern California on a hiking expedition. According to Nate Campos, who is San Bernardino County Sheriff Department Corporal, a search party was sent out, but the exercise was hindered due to bad weather. More reports showed that his wife, Evgenia Citkowitz reported him missing. From reports, it seems Julian did not go alone on his hiking trip.

Fans And Celebrities Reacted To The News

After the news of his disappearance got out, fans, well-wishers, and celebrities alike took to social media to express their concerns and thoughts. Stranger Things actor Matthew Modine was one of Julian's celebrity friends who expressed worry on social media. Fans shared some of their favorite movie moments of the missing actor as they prayed that he is found.

His Brother Spoke On Sands' Love For Hiking

Julian Sands
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Nick shared that his brother's first loves were walking and hiking. He noted that these hobbies even came before Julian's career. Nick also gushed about Julian's bursts of energy which he described as "enormous" and "phenomenal." Nick shared, "He took risks. He has always been like this: wild, extreme, adventurous; never constrained by rules or boundaries. He's happiest close to a mountain top on a cold morning."

Julian Recently Became A Grandfather

The 24 actor recently welcomed his first grandchild when his son, Henry, became a father. Henry is Julian's son from his first marriage to Sarah Sands, a journalist and former editor at Radio 4. The 65-year-old fathered two more children, Imogen and Natalya, with his second wife, Citkowitz.

Inside his Career

Julian Sands
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Julian grew up in Gargrave with his brothers after his parents divorced in 1962. Growing up, he was awarded a scholarship to Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire. This is a scholarship often given to children from single parents. He went to London's Royal Central School of Speech and Drama afterward.

This was followed by a starring role in The Killing Fields. When Julian earned his role in the critically welcomed A Room With A View, he became widely known. At the time, he acted alongside movie great Helen Bonham Carter. More of Julian's acting credits include Arachnophobia, Leaving Las Vegas, and Boxing Helena, among others.