Get To Know Navarone Garibaldi Garcia - Priscilla Presley's Son

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Priscilla Presley And Navarone Garibaldi Garcia
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Priscilla Presley's son, whom she shared with Marco Garibaldi 10 years after her 1973 divorce from Elvis Presley, is sharing details about his life and more. The 35-year-old is Priscilla's second child and Lisa Marie Presley's half-brother.

While he and Lisa Marie didn't have a close relationship during her lifetime, he was present at her funeral and penned an emotional tribute for his big sister.

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The Birth Of Navarone Garibaldi Garcia

Navarone Garibaldi Garcia was born in 1987 after Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi met through mutual friends in the early 1980s. Priscilla Presley and Marco Garcia employed very different techniques to raise the boy, who also tried to stay out of the media.

Correcting A Misconception

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Garcia corrected the notion that he was raised on the late Elvis's wealth.

"There's a misconception that I was raised extravagantly with Elvis' estate and money... That wasn't the case."

Everyone Wanted To Talk To Priscilla Presley

Priscilla and Garibaldi

He revealed that he got into trouble more than the average kid because he wasn't comfortable with everyone wanting to talk to his mom as soon as they knew who she was.

Battling Addiction

As he grew into a teenager, he became addicted to heroin and fentanyl.

"I was under the impression I was doing heroin, but then it'd turn out to be fentanyl," he added "That was a whole different beast. I became so addicted that I'd need it every 45 minutes."

An Escape To Santa Cruz

Priscilla, Garibaldi and Lisa Marie
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At 18, the young chap left Los Angeles, which was home for Santa Cruz. He described it as an escape, a fresh start.

"Santa Cruz is a little portal that sucks you in."

His Parents Failed Relationship

His parents' 20-year-old relationship headed for the rocks during his stay in Santa Cruz, and according to him, the split changed everyone's lives. For him, it signaled the start of a deeper relationship with his father, who now became his friend.

For Priscilla, the split meant she could play her ex-husband's music again around the house without upsetting Marco.

A Wild Discovery

Presley and Garibaldi
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His concealed and peaceful stay at Santa Cruz soon ended as authorities uncovered his marijuana garden in his home, and the news ended up on the front pages of major newspapers.

Garcia then returned home to Los Angeles four years later to pursue music with his synth-rock band, which he formed in Santa Cruz called Them Guns.

A Secret About His Dad

A big blow struck again in 2017 when he called someone who claimed to be his cousin and uncovered the truth about his father, who changed his last name from Garcia to Garibaldi upon his entry into the US as he was told he would never make it in Hollywood with a Hispanic name.

This revelation meant he never belonged to the wealthy Italian family with the Garibaldi last name.

Meeting His Wife And Getting Clean

Navarone And Priscilla

Following his fall out with his father, he met his now-wife Elisa Achilli and upon visiting her in Switzerland in 2020, he decided to get clean from hard substances and opioids. They got engaged in late 2020 and tied the knot at Schloss Hunigen Hotel over a year later.7