Cops Probe Mysterious Death of Popular ‘Penis Enlargement’ YouTuber

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Laith Abdallah Algaz
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Popular penis enlargement enthusiast and expert Laith Abdallah Algaz was discovered and pronounced dead by local authorities. The cause of his death remains unknown even though police found his apartment completely ransacked.

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Laith Abdallah Algaz

The content creator known as Leo Rex on YouTube has described himself as "the foremost expert in penis enlargement." He was found dead by law officers in his disarranged Pattaya, Thailand apartment on Monday.

His Condition

Police tape
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Algaz, whose page was called Leo and Longevity, was discovered naked and lying face down in his house. Officers described the incident as gory, with blood leaking from his mouth and nose. He also had a big bruise on his left eye.

Empty Apartment

The 34-year-old's house was scattered from corner to corner, and the toilet and bathroom were destroyed in the apartment raid. The actual cause of death still remains unknown to the police officers.

He was confirmed dead upon officers' arrival at the scene.

Drugs At The Scene

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Authorities reported the discovery of anxiety tablets, sleeping pills, steroids, cannabis, and anti-depressant in the building.

Account From A Friend

The victim's friend, Charles Anthony Hughes, 40, said he went over to the house after Laith refused to answer his calls and was shocked to find him lifeless on the floor, forcing him to contact the police.

He continued that Laith was mostly indoors, taking cannabis while he worked on his computer.

Leo And Longevity

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His YouTube channel has over 120,000 followers and contains content on exercise and food supplements.

Penis Enlargement

The late vlogger's mostly viewed videos were usually about penis enlargement. In one video, he described how he extends the length of his sexual organ with a crafty technique of weights and pumping.

Other Info On His Page

Body Building
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Other videos on his page include outrageous sexual advice, consuming steroids, bodybuilding, and other vague health information.

The Door Was Locked

His friend Aicha Humera Rattanaphan told the officers that his apartment doors were locked, and they had to use the spare key to enter before finding his lifeless body on the floor covered in blood.

Laith Lived Alone

An apartment
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Sources close to the victim claimed he lived alone in his room and didn't get many visitors.

Police Captain Sombat Kaewmulsuk

Sombat Kaewmulsuk disclosed that officers were checking out home videos from the victim's CCTV and interviewing potential suspects in the case.

Interrogating The Victims

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The police chief revealed he'll be interrogating friends and close pals of the victim, including a woman who stayed with him before his death.

"We urge the public not to jump to any conclusions until a complete examination has been done."

Foul Play

Sombat continued that reports of foul play in the investigations are highly likely to surface as the death looks suspicious.

"The room looked like there had been a disturbance so it's possible somebody else was with him before he died or the victim was distressed in some way."

Post Mortem

Unsplash | Isaac Quesada

His body has since been taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for a post-mortem examination. The US Embassy in Bangkok was also informed about Algaz's death so as to reach his relatives.