Brad Pitt Shares Classy Moment With George Clooney on 'Wolves' Set

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Friends and co-stars, Brad Pitt and George Clooney
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Recently, Hollywood Icon Brad Pitt's fans were given a glimpse of the actor's life on the set of the upcoming Apple TV+ thriller, Wolves. The snapshots showed some classy moments between Brad and his co-star George Clooney. Here are the details.

Brad And George Seem To Be Enjoying Their Time 

Brad and George seem to be having the time of their lives on the set of their new movie, Wolves. On January 30, the longtime friends were caught on camera in high spirits while filming some more night scenes for the upcoming production.

Inside Brad's Stylish Looks 

In one of the photos, the Babylon star looked ever-dashing in a casual but stylish outfit. Brad was clad in a pair of gray slacks and paired with a partially unbuttoned white dress shirt, a dark gray cardigan, and a leather jacket.

More Details About Brad's Outfit 

The Hollywood star donned a pair of sleek dress shoes properly secured with laces to accompany his classic look. The picture also showed Brad flashing a small smile and waving at excited fans while leaving his trailer to make his way to the main set.

Another Lovely Photo 

Brad Pitt ready for 'Wolves' Filming
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The next day, the award winner was spotted in a different outfit, leaving his truck again. This time, Brad wore a cream-colored sweater with gray stripes on the arm cuffs and bottom hem. 

Brad Opts For A Classic Look

The superstar actor paired the top with matching but unique sweatpants containing red stripes on the sides and rectangular patches of fabric on the knees. Brad finished with a brown hoodie underneath the sweater, a brown hat with fuzzy material, and see-through shades.

George Clooney Rocks A Similar Outfit 

George Clooney
Giphy | American Film Institute

Later that day, George got his fair share of attention while leaving his truck for the main set. The actor donned a pair of gray slacks and a dark gray puffer vest. His good looks were accentuated with a leather jacket, a turtleneck sweater, and black sneakers.

Brad And George Together

There were also other photos, one of which showed the actors on set, grinning together in the front seat of a stunt car. George was behind the wheel while Brad was in the passenger's seat as they chased Austin Abrams' character through the streets.

Who Is The Brain Behind 'Wolves?'

Wolves is Apple TV's latest thriller, written, produced, and directed by talented filmmaker Jon Watts, who is known for directing other projects, including Spider-Man: Homecoming

More Details About The Upcoming Movie

The movie will tell the story of two professional fixers who find themselves hired to do the same job. For now, details of a release date remain under wraps, but fans can expect to be thrilled when it premieres.