The Prince of Darkness Leaves His Throne: Ozzy Osbourne Retires From Touring

Jordan Claes
Ozzy Osbourne wearing his signature circle-rimmed sunglasses, sitting on a black throne.
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The heavy metal world and music lovers as a whole have been dealt a heartwrenching blow: Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness, has officially announced his retirement from touring.

The iconic rock star has come forward to say that his beat-down body can no longer bear the physical strain of touring. The news has sparked a global requiem for the undisputed king of heavy metal.

Ozz, The Great And Powerful, Has Officially Left The Building.

Ozzy Osbourne holding up two of his own vinyl records.
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The former Black Sabbath frontman has officially announced his retirement from touring, amid a myriad of health concerns that are affecting his overall quality of life.

In A Statement Made Via Social Media, Ozzy Credits Persistent Back Problems As The Culprit In His Decision.

Ozzy Osbourne with his daughter Kelly and guitarist, Billy Morrison.
instagram | @ozzyosbourne

Four years ago, Ozzy suffered a life-altering spinal injury. That, along with several subsequent surgeries, has rendered the legendary rocker incapable of enduring trans-Atlantic travel.

"Never Would Have Imagined That My Touring Days Would Have Ended This Way," Ozzy Wrote.

"Believe me when I say that the thought of disappointing my fans really [EXPLETIVE] ME UP."

Ozzy Mentioned How He Felt Humbled By The Fact That So Many Fans Continued To Be Patient With Him During His Recovery.

Ozzy Osbourne riding a golf cart and saying, "Rock and roll!"

However, the heavy metal icon reasoned that he couldn't in good conscience ask his loyal horde to hold out any longer.

Ozzy's Decision To Walk Away Was Far From Easy.

Just last year, Ozzy spoke with PEOPLE magazine and declared that the road was a part of him. "It's where I belong," he conveyed. "The relationship I have with my audience is the biggest love affair of my life."

The Silver Lining In This Dark Cloud Is That Ozzy's Singing Voice Is Still Intact.

Moira Rose saying, "I'm so relieved!" in 'Schitt's Creek'.
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Ozzy went on to explain how his team was hard at work, attempting to come up with ways wherein he could still perform without having to go from city to city/country to country.

The Good News For Fans, As Well As The Ozz Man, Is That Technology Affords Him Plenty Of Options.

Spotify logo.
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Plenty of platforms, such as Spotify, Songkick, and Bandsintown allow artists to live-stream concerts — even from the comfort of their own homes if they so choose.

Ozzy's Announcement Has Dealt A Devastating Blow To Fans All Over The World.

"Ozzman we love you forever," @cnvii77 tweeted. "I was blessed to see you live multiple times. No one ever gave more to the fans than you did. Thank you for everything."

With A Little Luck, Fans May Yet See Him Grace The Stage One Final Time.

A young Ozzy Osbourne holding a cross, eating a whole roast chicken.
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Whether it be via live stream, concert video, or in an alleyway around the corner, one thing for certain is that the Prince of Darkness' fans will follow wherever he leads them.