Nick Cave Opens Up On Rage After The Tragic Death Of His Two Sons

Jordan Claes
Nick Cave wearing a blazer, a button-down dress shirt, giving the peace sign in the street to a camera.
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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have developed a well-earned reputation for being one of Rock music's most angry and hate-fueled bands. But after more than 30 years spent atop the charts, Nick's anger is starting to wane.

The lead singer/frontman has come forward to say that hate has lost all its appeal, and that his newfound philosophy and way of looking at the world stems from the tragic deaths of his two sons.

Bad Seeds Frontman, Nick Cave, Has Experienced Loss In A Way Few People Have Come To Know.

Back in 2015, Nick's 15-year-old son, Arthur, fell off a cliff to his death near their home in Brighton, England, UK.

Then In 2022, Nick Once Again Lost Another Son.

Jethro Cave smoking a cigarette in bed while taking a selfie.
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Jethro Lazenby, aka Jethro Cave, was a troubled child who spent the majority of his adult life in and out of prison. He had a well-documented history of drug abuse and a tendency to turn violent.

Jethro Was Discovered Unresponsive Inside A Dingy $100-A-Night Motel.

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The former model had been bailed out of jail the day prior. At the time, Jethro was facing an assault charge brought against him by his own mother, after the two had allegedly gotten into an argument over cigarettes.

After The Death Of His Two Sons, Nick's Life Changed Drastically.

Nick Cave performing on stage.
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Gone was the rage-filled angry rocker, and in his place a rose began to blossom from the concrete — one that opted to focus on the beauty and sanctity of life.

For Some, This Was A Welcomed Change. Although There Were Still Fans Who Rejected Nick's Newfound Optimism.

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"When did you become a Hallmark card hippie?" a fan asked via Nick's personal newsletter, The Red Hand Files. "Joy, love, peace. Puke! Where’s the rage, anger, hatred?"

"Reading These Lately Is Like Listening To An Old Preacher Drone On And On At Sunday Mass," The Fan Concluded.

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Instead of fighting fire with fire, Nick opted to instead respond with understanding and even sought to educate his fans further on the matter.

"Things Changed After My First Son Died. I Changed," Nick Began.

"For better or for worse, the rage you speak of lost its allure and, yes, perhaps I became a 'Hallmark card hippie.'"

In Nick's Own Words, He Explained How Hatred Simply Lost Its Allure.

"When my son died, I was faced with an actual devastation, and with no real effort of my own that posture of disgust toward the world began to wobble and collapse underneath me," Nick said.

Through The Deaths Of His Sons, Nick Came To Appreciate The Vulnerability Of The World Around Him.

Nick Cave taking a deep breath before a performance begins.
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Nick conveyed how he felt it was his responsibility to extend a helping hand to the world around him, as opposed to simply sitting in judgment of it. For better or for worse, he simply is no longer the man he once was.