Harry Styles Accused of Forgetting His Roots After Controversial Pledge

Valeria Cova
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Harry Styles just finished his residency at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. After fifteen sold-out shows, the singer received a special banner from the enclosure as a reminder of his achievement; however, not everyone was happy with his final show.

Something Was Different

By the end of his performance, the British artist sang one of his biggest hits, As It Was, as part of the encore, but when the song's bridge arrived, he said something that offended a huge part of his worldwide fandom.

No One In The Public Expected He Would Do That

"Never leave America," he said, instead of the original lyric that goes just "leave America." Many people in his international fandom were upset about his statement, as he continued the extensive Love On Tour, mainly across the USA.

An Inside Joke

The lyric became a special part of the international shows, as the Europe and Latin American public screamed "leave America" as a complaint of how much time Styles spends in the United States, even more than in his own home country.

The Public's Reaction Amused Styles

harry styles

On the contrary, when Styles performed in the USA, the fandom remained quiet on this part of this song. The Grammy winner quickly noticed this behavior, and it became one of the many jokes in his shows.

It Seems Like He Doesn't Want To Leave

harry styles

The second to last show in Los Angeles had a similar moment: Harry said he didn't want to leave the stage. Some fans even believed that he said "I'm staying" during As It Was; however, no one was entirely sure.

His Fans Were Upset

Harry styles

Fans online felt betrayed after Harry's comment. While some made jokes on Twitter on TikTok about selling their tickets for the upcoming European leg of the tour, others said he needed to be "humbled."

Isn't He British?

At the same time, many people that aren't even fans of the singer said this was unnecessary and that this behavior made him less likable. Others said that it looked like he forgot he was British and that it was time for his tour to end. The singer is a native of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK.

The Tour Was Postponed Because Of Covid

Love On Tour, Style's second world tour, was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was initially set to promote Harry's sophomore album, Fine Line; still, it ended up promoting his third album, Harry's House, which was released right before he started the second leg of the tour in Europe.

When Will It End?

The tour is reported to be 160 shows when it ends on July 2023, on the eighth leg, 86 of them were in the US. Harry is set to perform in America two more times in Palm Springs, on January 31st and on his birthday, February 1st. Later he will begin the three remaining legs in Oceania, Asia, and Europe.