Jake Paul Criticised for Insensitive Remark on Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague’s Baby Announcement

Jordan Claes
Jake Paul mouthing off to Tommy Fury in the ring.
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Few people on this planet are as universally despised as Jake Paul. The YouTuber-turned-boxer certainly doesn't appear interested in the opinions of others — far from it.

Paul is known equally for his mouth as he is for his right hook. And with his fight against pro boxer Tommy Fury waiting in the wings, Paul has once again come under fire for leaving a cruel comment on his opponent's social media.

Love Him Or Hate Him, There's No Denying That Jake Paul Has Experienced A Meteoric Rise.

Jake Paul eating breakfast on a private plane, sitting across from his golden retriever.
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In the span of a few short years, Jake Paul has gone from being a disgraced Disney Channel star to the highest-paid athlete in combat sports in 2022.

Jake Is Also One Of, If Not The Most Infamous "Heels" In Pop Culture.

Jake Paul sitting down in a chair, wearing a salmon-colored t-shirt, with a red rose dangling from his mouth.
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Jake has run his mouth to Connor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, UFC President Dana White, and most recently — Tommy Fury and his wife, Molly-Mae Hague.

Fans May Recall Tommy Fury From His Time Spent On 'Love Island'.

Two female 'Love Island' contestants, giving the trucker horn signal.
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Tommy is also the half-brother of World Heavyweight Champion boxer, Tyson Fury. Tommy and Jake have been booked to fight numerous times over the years, with each match subsequently canceled for various reasons.

Paul And Fury's Beef Was Recently Reignited After The Birth Of Tommy And Molly-Mae's Baby.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague sitting in their bedroom, wearing flannel pajamas.
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Paul drew first blood when he preemptively announced the birth of Fury and Hague's child before either parent had the chance to do so themselves.

The YouTuber-Turned-Boxer Further Confounded The Situation By Leaving A Cruel Comment On The Couple's Instagram Post.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague holding their newborn baby girl in the hospital.
instagram | @tommyfury

In a since-deleted comment, Jake wrote: "Just in time to watch your dad get knocked out." He also made sure to include a smiley-face emoji.

This Caused Fury Fans And Jake Paul Haters Alike To Positively Revolt.

Dwight Schrute popping a balloon in 'The Office'.
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"No matter your opinion on the whole Jake Paul and Tommy Fury situ, it's just morally wrong to a) announce the birth of someone else's baby and b) comment on their announcement post with such an inappropriate comment," one Twitter user wrote.

"Honestly At This Point I'd Pay A Lot Of Money To See Molly Mae V Jake Paul," Another Chimed In.

Jake Paul with a baby monkey on his shoulder, taking a mirror-selfie in the bathroom.
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They concluded their tweet by saying, "jake paul is actually vile for this comment."

Many Fans Still Couldn't Believe That Paul Had Robbed Molly-Mae From Announcing The Birth Of Her Own Daughter.

Molly-Mae Hague and her sister, posing for a selfie in the mirror.
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"Yes there are bigger issues in the world, but I actually feel quite sorry for Molly Mae having her pregnancy announcement taken from her by Jake Paul," @itssophiemorris tweeted.

If There's Any Solace To be Found, It's That Come February 26th, Paul And Fury's Beef Will Finally Come To A Head.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury squaring off against each other in the ring.
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Tommy has had to pull out of two previous bouts with Paul for a variety of reasons. Fight fans and Paul-haters alike are crossing their fingers that this time around, history will not repeat itself.