Brad Pitt's Reaction to Shania Twain Replacing Him With Ryan Reynolds in 'That Don't Impress Me Much'

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When Shania Twain modified her music lyrics to include Ryan Reynolds' name over Brad Pitt's, fans thought it was a shady move; however, the Fight Club actor addressed that misconception during his press tour for Babylon. 

The Classic

The country music star's hit single, That Don't Impress me Much name-dropped the Pitt in the 1997 album version saying,

"Oh-Oh, you think you're something else. Okay, so you're Brad Pitt."

The Lyrics Change

Shania Twain performs "That Don't Impress Me Much"
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In a recent live performance at the 2022 People's Choice Awards, Twain swapped out Pitt's name in that lyric for the Deadpool actor's name saying,

"Okay, so you're Ryan Reynolds."

The Canadian actor received the Icon Award for the night hence Twain's decision to use his name instead of Pitt's.

Reynolds Is A Good Egg

During the promotion of his movie Babylon, Pitt addressed the awkwardness of being replaced by a younger actor in the music lyric. He called Reynolds a good egg, saying he didn't mind sharing the spotlight.

Reynolds Joined The Fun

Reynolds was also a good sport about the situation as he teased Twain on Twitter, saying he couldn't think of a more worthy person not to impress. Twain fired back, saying Pitt is as stunning as actors get while Reynolds can do no wrong since he's her countryperson.

Sharing The Spotlight

Pitt's exact words were,

"He didn't steal [the spotlight]. I think we can share the wealth. Ryan's a good egg. He deserves some love."

Reynolds got more love that night when he accepted his Icon Award.

There Are Many Hollywood Heartthrobs

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Pitt continued by saying Twain could've selected many more Hollywood heartthrobs, including the much younger Austin Butler and the older Leonardo DiCaprio. Of course, anyone's name could've made it onto the lyric because they'd still not impress Twain.

No One Can Impress Shania Twain

Five years ago, on the 20th anniversary of the song, Twain explained the idea behind her famous lyrics saying Brad Pitt was "all the rave" in the Nineties, but she never understood why people cared that much.

The Star Of 2023 Golden Globes

Brad Pitt with his costars at the Babylon movie premiere
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Pitt is still all the rave today as he was the topic of conversation during this year's Golden Globes awards. Almost every A-list celebrity woman shot their cupid arrows at the actor as the night went on. From Quinta Brunson to Regina Hall, Pitt impressed many people.

Starring In 'Bullet Train' Together

'Bullet Train' promotional poster
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Pitt's latest movies, Babylon and Bullet Train, reminded fans why he gained such a large fanbase in his career. The latter also starred Ryan Reynolds in a cameo role as Carver, the man Pitt's character, ladybug, filled in for in a snatch and grab.