Megan Fox Opens Up About Her Desire For 'Dysfunction' In Relationships, Machine Gun Kelly Responds

Ashabi Azeez
Megan Fox
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Megan Fox's latest media update showed her letting fans in on her ideal type of man, and it comes with everything dramatic and "toxic." Fox seemed to have been discussing with some pals in a chat and she shared her type of man.

Fox Shares A Screenshot From Her Group Chat

The star actress shared a screenshot on her Instagram story showing some part of a group chat with her pals. The chat seemed to have been about their choices in a partner and Fox took some screenshots of the hilarious conversation.

In the first image, one person in the group chat made reference to someone they seemed to have been discussing as they stated that "his body was bomb tho." To this Megan replied that she wanted "some danger." She went further by stating that she also liked "drama" and "toxic."

Fox Discusses Her Ideal Man

Megan Fox
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The Jennifer's Body actress and her pals seemed to agree that the ideal 6'5 fellow must have some tattoos, and at this point, one person asked where they could find such a partner to entangle with. The others including Fox echoed answers such as Spencer's Gift, Hot Topic, and Dollz Kill.

How To Get A Billionaire?

One of the unknown people in the group chat then tossed out a question about wanting a billionaire. The person wanted to know how to find a "billionaire with a tattoo and tall with a man bun." The same person hilariously quickly chipped in "there ain't nunnn." Fox agreed with it as she noted it was why she was staying with Machine Gun Kelly.

Fox On Her Preference For 'Toxic'

Megan Fox
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In one part of the group chat, someone asked how Fox had the "energy" for toxicity, and she replied noting that "the traumatized and ignored child" inside of her loved it. Captioning the image, the mom-of-two wrote:

"New self-awareness level unlocked."

MGK Responded

This definitely caught Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)'s attention as he reposted Fox's story, adding, "ily2 @meganfox." He included a toxic symbol as well as emojis of people. The Rogue star would later show that it was all jokes as she addressed the critics stating, "the pendulum says you guys gotta start conceptualizing the more nuanced leaves of trolling."

Fox And MGK's Relationship

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Since the spotlight couple debuted their romance in 2020, they have made headlines for different reasons. This ranges from controversial moments that had to do with each other's blood to their unabashed public display of affection and their engagement. The music star and the Transformers actress met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass and hit it off from the start. At the time, Fox's marriage to Brian Austin Green was rocky.

Some Of Their Couple Moments

While the rumors mills were working concerning their rumored romance, Fox and her partner led the speculations to rest. She appeared in his music video for Bloody Valentine starring as the main vixen. In July 2020, MGK joined Teen Vogue in an interview where he shared how much he loved Fox's feet. He noted that hers were the "most beautiful feet that exist."

Their Instagram Debut

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Weeks after his interview, MGK made their relationship Instagram official when she shared a black and white mirror selfie of them. He captioned the post, "Waited for eternity to find you again" while adding some knife emojis and a red heart. By August, Fox made her own post letting him know her heart was his.

MGK On How He Fell In Love With Fox

Before the end of 2020, MGK was in an interview on The Howard Stern Show and he talked about how he fell in love with The Expendables actress. He revealed that he did not know the concept of falling in love until he made eye contact with the actress. MGK added that Fox changed his perspective on love.