Michael B. Jordan Reveals He Used a Dating App After Split With Lori Harvey

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Michael B. Jordan
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Michael B. Jordan co-hosted last weekend's SNL skit and made some interesting revelations. The top of the list is his choice of post-breakup activity, as he joked about already having the "revenge" body.

Post-Breakup Activities

Jordan said when people experienced breakups, they got into gyms and whipped their bodies into shape. However, he didn't do that since the split from his model girlfriend, Lori Harvey, came off the back of his directorial debut for Creed III.

Learning A New Language

The actor, however, admitted to getting on the dating app Raya after the breakup.

"Estoy en Raya."

Jordan proudly revealed that he learned a new language, Spanish, as his post-breakup exercise.

Sad At The Basketball Game

The actor also took a dig at himself, highlighting his first public appearance after announcing his breakup with Harvey. While watching a basketball game, he looked sad and went viral, with people believing it was his heartbroken face.

Not As Heartbroken As He Seemed

Michael B. Jordan on NBC's SNL
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The Creed actor alleged he was "chilling" and not as torn up as the media made him look. Although they dated for almost two years, Steve Harvey, Lori's father, confirmed they split amicably.

Lori Has Moved On

Close up of Lori Harvey
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Harvey said Jordan's a cool guy who never abused his daughter hence they didn't have a problem. Meanwhile, Lori moved on with Nigerian-British actor Damson Idris.

All The Ladies Want To Put A Ring On It

Jordan's skit had several other interesting acts, including the parts, including one segment of female cast members hitting on the actor. Ego Nwodim wore a white wedding dress and asked the actor to marry her, saying,

"Oh my God, is this a wedding dress? I guess we could technically get married now..."

Old And New Faces

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson in Creed III
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Jordan also spoke about the third installment of Creed, which is coming out this Spring. It stars some familiar favorites, including Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad, alongside new castmate Jonathan Majors.

The Coogler Brothers Are Still On Board

Majors is the main antagonist of this third installment, and he plays Damian, an old friend of Creed who becomes his enemy. The story is by the Coogler brothers Ryan and Keenan, and Sylvester Stallone is credited as a co-producer.

No Rocky In Part Three

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed
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Stallone complained about the angle of Creed III despite staying on as a co-producer hence his refusal to reprise his role as Rocky Balboa. Without his trusted mentor by his side, it's easy to see how his story would turn dark.