Pamela Anderson Opens Up About Hugh Hefner: 'He Was The Only Man Who Ever Treated Me With Respect'

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Pamela Anderson at the Howard Stern show on Sirius XM
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Pamela Anderson is back in the spotlight now that she's decided to speak her truth, including how people treated her. The Eighties TV star wrote a memoir before releasing a new Netflix Documentary, Pamela, a Love Story. 

Her First 'Playboy' Encounter

Pamela Anderson in her youth
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In her long years as a TV sensation, Anderson believes the only person who respected her was Hugh Hefner, the magazine mogul. The actress detailed her first encounter with the Playboy magazine founder saying her first cover helped her overcome shyness.

Reclaiming Her Sexuality

Pamela Anderson poses on a Playboy magazine
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Anderson described herself as a painfully shy young woman until her Playboy cover changed things. She said Hefner opened a "portal" into sexy town where she felt like a sensual woman and took power back.

Disapproving Her Sensationalized Story

Pamela Anderson at a Playboy Party
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That's unlike Anderson felt when Hulu announced a making of a docuseries chronicling her relationship with Tommy Lee. Pam & Tommy aired last year and starred Lily James and Sebastian Stan. The actress didn't approve of the making or release and demanded an apology.

She Demands A Public Apology

During her interview with Howard Stern, the Baywatch star said she wanted the showrunners of Pam & Tommy to apologize to her publicly. She felt railroaded because "they didn't portray Tommy and her accurately."

Fighting With The 'Pam & Tommy' Producers

Although the actress refused to watch the show, her friends told her it was a "shallow representation" of her life with Tommy. Her main gripe with the show was their failure to consult with her.

"I wish they would've called."

'Pam & Tommy' Producers Debunk Her Claims

The showrunners of Pam & Tommy debunked her claims that they didn't reach out saying they did and she ignored them.

Telling It All In A Memoir

Anderson wrote her memoir, Love, Pamela, alone as the stories were extremely personal. The actress said the book would set the record straight about her Hollywood life and the years before fame growing up in a small town.

'Playboy' Linked Her To One Of Her Husbands

Anderson's ex-husband Jon Peters said he'd leave her $10 million in his will despite being married for a short period (10 days.) Peters said he'd always love the actress and wasn't sure she'd accept the cash gift but left it there in case.

Pam & Jon's Short-Lived Romance

Pamela Anderson in her youth
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Anderson and Peters met at the Playboy mansion and then started cohabiting in his Bel-Air mansion before secretly getting married in Malibu in 2020. They annulled the union shortly after, making it Anderson's shortest marriage.