Priscilla Presley Alleges 'Invalid' Signature on Lisa Marie Presley's Will

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Priscilla Presley
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Priscilla Presley has so much to say regarding everything Lisa Marie Presley left behind after she died suddenly a few weeks ago. She's now contesting the legitimacy and validity of Lisa Marie's will.

Her intentions to challenge the late Lisa Marie's decision were made known in a document she filed to Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday.

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Challenging Her Removal As Trustee

In Presley's documents, she mentioned and challenged a "purported 2016 amendment" to the will that ultimately removed her as a trustee to any of Lisa Marie's estates.

Asking The Judge To Determine The Validity

Priscilla And Riley
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According to documents from news sources, the 77-year-old asked the judge to ascertain the validity of the amendment that has now named Riley Keough and the late Benjamin Keough as successor co-trustees.

The Amendment Details

The amendment removed Lisa Marie's former business manager, Barry Siegel and Priscilla Presley, from the trust. However, following the death of Lisa Marie Presley's son, Benjamin Keough, in 2020, Riley is now the sole successor.

Priscilla's Claims

Priscilla Presley

In the filing, Presley claims she and Siegel were first named co-trustees on January 29, 1993, when the late star "executed a revocable living trust, which she amended and completely restated on January 27 2010."

She now claims she found a new amendment dated March 11, 2016, after her daughter passed away on January 12, 2023, following a cardiac arrest.

She Cited Inconsistencies

The businessmen alleged that the documents contained some irregularities, especially with the late Lisa Marie's signature, which was completely different from her usual style. She also stated that Lisa Marie's name had been spelled wrong.

Not Notarized, Not Delivered

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Presley further alleged that the document was never notarized or delivered to her while Lisa Marie was alive as indicated in the terms and conditions of the 2010 trust arrangement. The 77-year-old also stated that Siegel "has already or will soon resign as a co-trustee of the Trust."

Words In The Amendment

The words in the amendment which confirmed Keough as co-trustee read thus.

“Accordingly, in such event, Riley would become a co-trustee with [Priscilla] with respect to the trust and all trust created thereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, since Riley is over the age of 30, she may act as a co-trustee of her subtrust upon delivering a written instrument signed by her consenting to act in such capacity.”

Lisa Marie Presley's Financial Troubles

Lisa Marie Presley
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The late star's financial woes have been talked about in recent years. The most notable is her 2018 lawsuit against Siegel, which accused him of mishandling and neglecting her huge inheritance from Elvis.

Lisa Marie alleged Siegel left her in financial ruin with only $14,000 in cash by 2016, to which he countersued her for $800,000 in unpaid bills.

Priscilla Presley Thanked Fans For Their Support

Priscilla Presley

The 77-year-old filing comes less than one week after the star was buried at Graceland at an elaborate memorial service. She later thanked fans for their continued support throughout the very difficult time.