YouTuber Mr Beast, 24, Spends Big to Help 1,000 Blind People Regain Sight

Fatima Araos
Closeup of MrBeast
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A thousand blind people can see clearly now, thanks to an amazing stunt pulled off by MrBeast.

The 24-year-old YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, paid for the eye surgery of 1,000 people who had severe cataract, and he shared the details of the heartwarming gesture in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel. Break out the tissues because we’ve posted the vid below – it’ll definitely make you tear up.

'Curing A Thousand People's Blindness'

In his video, MrBeast showed the cataract patients he helped as their bandages were removed post-surgery.

A Simple Surgery Solved It

Surgeon at work
Unsplash | National Cancer Institute

The extraordinary gesture was done in collaboration with nonprofit organization, See. The content creator, who’s the most subscribed individual on YouTube, talked to a surgeon who explained that “half of all the blindness in the world” could be solved with a “10-minute surgery.”

What Is A Cataract And How Is It Fixed?

Closeup of an eye
Unsplash | Perchek Industrie

A cataract is when the eye’s lens, which is normally clear, becomes cloudy. The simple surgery involves vacuuming out the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial one.

Stunned Reactions

Doctor removing bandage from cataract patient's eye
youtube | MrBeast

The video showed the patients’ stunned reactions as their bandages were removed and they could see clearly again for the first time in years.

One man named Charlie, who had to quit his job because of his cataract, not only got his eyesight back but won $10,000 as well.

Seeing Loved Ones' Faces Again

Cataract patient seeing his son's face again
youtube | MrBeast

Another man got his wish to see his son’s face again. “He’s been my rock through all this,” he said.

Surgery + College Money

Check from MrBeast for $50,000
youtube | MrBeast

A student named Jeremiah had been blind in one eye since birth, which meant his surgery only had a 50 percent chance of working. Not only was it a success but he was also given $50,000 to spend for college.

Surgery + Brand-New Tesla

MrBeast giving cataract patient a Tesla
youtube | MrBeast

Another young man named Satchel had bad eyesight since he was born, and it got even worse after a go-kart accident. He couldn’t drive because of his condition.

He was in tears after his vision was restored post-op, and even got a brand-new Tesla because he had always wanted to drive.

1,000 Patients Around The World

Cataract patients
youtube | MrBeast

The project’s goal was to help 1,000 cataract patients not only in America but also around the world. MrBeast noted that a lot of people didn’t have access to this surgery.

$100,000 Donation To See

$100 bills
Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

At the end of the video, he also gave a $100,000 donation to See.