Fearne Cotton Slams Trolls for Body-Shaming Her Over a Mini Dress Selfie

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Close up of Fearne Cotton smiling
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Renowned author Fearne Cotton hit back at trolls who had a lot to say about her figure, describing her as "too thin" after she shared a selfie on her Instagram.

In the shared photo, Fearne can be seen sporting a pinafore-style dress, thick boots, and a long-sleeved shirt. The TV host was subjected to derogatory remarks about her figure.

However, Fearne hit back hard with a lengthy caption on another post.

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Fearne Takes A Hit!

Fearne Cotton's mini dress selfie

The post in which Fearne was promoting a dress has gathered over 70 thousand likes and comments some of which the author didn't find funny. Some of the comments include the following:

"Everyone saying "she looks fine" is just as damaging as the other comments. She doesn't look fine. And it's important to note that because there will be vulnerable people looking at this thinking this is healthy. Whether it's stress/physical health/mental health I hope Fearne gets the help she so freely gives to others. X"

Her Fans Came To Her Rescue

Fearne Cotton's selfie with a messy bun

Although some of her fans came to her rescue, slamming the critic, one of which shared;

“Too skinny” for what/who?! Weight shaming/ commenting at any size or shape is out of order keep your opinions to yourself. Period. Pisses me off."

However, that didn't stop Fearne from giving everyone a piece of her mind as she shared a picture of her taking a selfie with a messy bun.

Clapback Of The Century

The mom of two didn't spare any details as she expressed herself in the caption.

"Sometimes I think, I cant be a***d to respond to the insane amounts of noise on here, but when it comes to judging bodies I feel something has to be said. Online arguments or discussions around what bodies look like (see my last post) are not helpful. 

She mentions her enjoyment of food, her love of exercise, and her gratitude for her health in her forties. She went on to explain that she is a fighter for all women and that she is much more than just a body.

Assuring Her Fans

Fearne Cotton assuring her fans

Cotton responded to the discussion in a video she shared on Instagram, telling her followers she's alright and that the comments didn't have any impact on her

Using Her Platform

Fearne Cotton with a cup of tea.

The television host stressed that she has used social media to advocate for women "because our bodies are still too often examined and condemned."

Why Nobody Pays Attention To Skinny Men?

Then, citing celebrity interviewer Louis Theroux as an example, she alleged that nobody paid attention to what he had to say because they were too preoccupied with observing the size or form of Theroux's legs. Or someone mentioning to her great buddy Joe Wicks, "you look a bit too lean there Joe," That is not the case.

Fearne Wants To Help Other Women

Fearne Cotton

She emphasized that she hoped to be of some assistance and a strong ally for all the ladies with disabilities who faced greater obstacles and issues with their body image.

The Impact Of Her Battle with Bulimia

Fearne claimed that her ten-year battle with bulimia was brought on by self-hatred and a poor perception of her physique after the presenter convinced herself she was "too broad."

The well-known TV and radio personality battled bulimia throughout her twenties before overcoming the eating condition after getting married to musician Jesse Wood and having children.

Her Advice To People Dealing With The Condition

Fearne confessed that after reading online debates regarding the emergence of "heroin chic," a word that became well-known in the early 1990s and is often used to describe fashion models with pale skin and skeleton features, she felt obligated to bring up the topic. Even though talking about the issue makes her uncomfortable, she felt that sharing her experience would be beneficial when she first discussed it in November.

"My message being...if I can, you can. It is absolutely possible. Go gentle on yourself and know that you can heal."