Writer Graham Greene's 85-year-old Son Commits Suicide

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Graham Greene
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The only son of writer Graham Greene recently committed suicide in his home. The novelist's son was 85 years old when he killed himself. An inquest was heard for the tragic death. 

Graham Greene's Only Son Commits Suicide

Graham Greene
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Graham's son, Francis Greene, who was his literary executor for years, killed himself in his Devon home. Before his death in May 2022, Francis was diagnosed with two life-threatening illnesses. The illnesses also included prostate cancer. Unfortunately, Francis suffered six self-inflicted wounds to his heart and chest.

There Was A Note From The Deceased

He left a suicide note that was taped to his desk. In the message, Francis wrote that he did not want to 'make others miserable.' Before his death, he was a journalist and war correspondent. He used to report on the Six-Day War and the Vietnam War in the Middle East. 

Francis' Wife Speaks About His Death During Inquest

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As reported by Daily Mail, an inquest was heard for the tragic death. Francis' wife, Anne, who has been married to him for 50 years spoke during the inquest. She shared that for over 40 years, they had lived together in Musbury, Devon.

She Noted That There Were No Signs

The sad wife told the Exeter inquest that they would have gone together in an ideal world. Anne continued that Francis showed no prior signs that he would commit suicide. She said that the incident left her devastated and shocked.

On Francis' Illness

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Anne shared that his recent diagnosis caused him pain. He felt it was his decision to take his life or not. When Francis was found, he was lying on the ground near their driveway within a circle of nut trees. Area coroner Alison Longhorn recorded a suicide conclusion. The conclusion was that one of Francis's biggest fears was being dependent during his illness. 

Inside Francis' Life

The late Francis Greene was once found lying in a circle of nut trees in his home back in May 2022. During his lifetime, he worked as a journalist and a war correspondent during the Vietnam war. He was also one of the pressmen that braved the six-day war in the Middle East.

Suicide Prevention Measures

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To reduce the amount of suicide committed, the Samaritans organization was created. On their website, they gave vivid descriptions of what they do. The Samaritans is an organization that gives listening ears to those who need them.

How It Works

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The non-profit takes action to prevent crises and give people ways to cope. Also, they encourage, promote and celebrate special moments that can save lives. They work with schools, prisons, the rail network, and hospitals.

Suicide Prevention Takes Precedence

Samaritans continuously work with those going through difficult times and train others to do the same. On their website they wrote, "Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy." Therefore, suicide prevention is their priority. 

More Information About Samaritans Organization 

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In 2021, about 22,000 people volunteered to be Samaritans. Nearly 20,000 volunteers are trained to listen and respond to calls for help. About 2,500 volunteers supported in aiding the running of over 200 branches across Ireland and the U.K. Also in prison, over 1,300 people volunteered for trained listeners.

The Ultimate Goal

Samaritans' vision, mission, and values are that fewer people die by suicide. Their website gives additional information about their organization. They are always ready to respond to calls from those in need and those going through hard times.