Pamela Anderson's Ex-Husband to Leave Her Over $10 Million In His Will

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Pamela Anderson is getting a huge windfall, thanks to a generous ex.

The 55-year-old Baywatch alum is set to receive $10 million from ex-husband Jon Peters when he dies, despite the fact that they were married for only 12 days.

He 'Will Always Love Pamela'

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Speaking to Variety, Peters said that he “will always love Pamela.”

“[A]lways in my heart. As a matter of fact, I left her $10 million in my will. And she doesn’t even know that. Nobody knows that,” he added.

She's Getting $10 Million 'Whether She Needs It Or Not'

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The film producer, 77, continued, “I’m just saying it for the first time with you. I probably shouldn’t be saying it. So that’s for her, whether she needs it or not.”

He's Worth A Huge Fortune

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Peters, a former hairdresser, reportedly has a net worth of $200 million to $300 million, which he earned from a highly successful career as a film producer. His hit movies include A Star is Born and Wild Wild West, and he has also owned the film rights to Superman since the early 1990s.

He Is Anderson's Fourth Husband

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He is the fourth of Anderson’s five husbands, the others being Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Rick Salomon, and Dan Hayhurst.

They First Met In The Late '80s

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The Canadian actress first met Peters in 1989 at the Playboy Mansion, a day after she arrived in the United States from her home country. She came to live with him in his Bel Air estate, but both revealed that he never made a move on her during those days.

He Was Always Generous

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The movie producer has always been generous to her and constantly gifted her with expensive jewelry, clothes, and even a Mercedes convertible.

Their Marriage And Separation

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters

In 2020, right before the start of the pandemic, the two reunited and got married. However, Anderson announced they were separating just 12 days later and said they were never legally married anyway because they hadn’t filed any paperwork.

They Have Only Good Words For Each Other

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Despite the very short union, there seems to be no bad blood between the two. Anderson told Variety, “He’s great and has been a huge influence on my life. I love him to death.”

Her Memoir And Docu

Pamela Anderson's book

The former Playboy model is revealing more about her colorful life in her upcoming memoir, Love, Pamela, which will be released on January 31. Her Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, is coming out on the same day.