Pamela Anderson Defends Tim Allen After Claiming He Flashed Her On Set

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Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson is coming out to defend Tim Allen after she accused him of flashing her on the set of Home Improvement when she was just 23. This recent development has now put her defenders in a dicey situation and may degenerate even further.

Allen, on his end, had debunked that claim by putting out a statement when news outlets reached out to him for comments.

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Excerpt From Her Book

The viral news made headlines earlier in the week following excerpts from her book Love Pamela which was obtained by Variety and will be released on the 31st of January. The actress revealed the incident took place on her first day on the set of Home Improvement in 1991 where she played Lisa in the first two seasons.

Describing The Incident

Pamela Anderson
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The model described the incident vividly in the publication and recalled it happening in the hallway.

“On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe,” Anderson writes. “He opened his robe and flashed me quickly — completely naked underneath.”

Pamela Felt Allen Wanted To Get Even

In the excerpt, the Baywatch star alleged that she felt Allen flashed her his body as a response to seeing her naked in Playboy magazine. Anderson was a household name in the modeling industry as at that time, but Home Improvement was her first-ever TV role.

Allen Denies It

Following the excerpt release, Allen immediately put out a statement denying the incident ever took place.

“No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing,”

Doubling Down On The Claim

Pamela Anderson

The actress insisted that the incident took place and even called it "one of many surreal and uncomfortable situations" she's learned to navigate with time.

No Bad Blood

Pamela Anderson

She also revealed she had no bad blood towards Allen but felt like the situation should never have happened. She has received lots of social media support for speaking up after all these years.

Defending Allen

Pamela Anderson
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Anderson is now attempting to clear Allen's name, according to a text message she sent to a Variety writer.

“Tim is a comedian, it’s his job to cross the line. I’m sure he had no bad intentions. Times have changed, though. I doubt anyone would try that post #MeToo. It’s a new world.”

A Resurfaced Clip

Tim Allen
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In the middle of the ongoing drama, one of the bloopers on the set of Home Improvement emerged, showing Allen lifting the front of his kilt and shocking his co-star and onscreen wife, played by Patricia Richardson, who appeared shocked and sending the live studio audience into a long session of laughter.

Setting The Record Straight

Tim Allen

However, Richardson told TMZ that the actor was well dressed underneath the kilt and she was only shocked he lifted the kilt and not by a man in boxer shorts.