Friends of Late Stephen "tWitch" Boss Speak Up About Todrick Hall's Controversial Remarks

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Close up of Stephen 'tWitch' Boss
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Drag Race judge Todrick Hall is under fire for his remarks on the late DJ and dancer Stephen "tWitch" Boss. tWitch committed suicide late last year, shocking millions of fans worldwide as he always seemed chirper and full of life.

What Caused tWitch's Breakdown?

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss at the Incredibles premiere
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Following the revelation that all wasn't as well as it seemed on the surface, people began wondering what went wrong, and Hall proffered a response. The duo were friends during tWitch's lifetime, so he was privy to some information that hadn't reached the internet.

'The Ellen Show' Scandal Spills Into tWitch's Personal Life

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss on the Ellen Show
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Hall spoke to Page Six, saying he suspected his friend gave up on life following pressure from the scandal surrounding his boss, Ellen DeGeneres' longtime talk show.

A few years before announcing the end of her long-running daytime talk show, DeGeneres faced backlash for the alleged mistreatment of her staff.

Recap Of The Scandal

Ellen DeGeneres Saying She could Go on and On during an award acceptance speech
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The former standup comedian's self--titled show took major ratings hit following that scandal. Three of her executive producers left the company, and she issued a public apology ahead of the 18th season premiere on Sept. 2020.

Todrick Hall Has Some Insight

Close up of Stephen tWitch Boss smiling
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Hall alleges now that the stink of the scandal never left the show, causing a lot of pressure on tWitch, who was the DJ. The Drag Race judge said the internet's reaction to tWitch's continued support of DeGeneres took a toll on him.

The Pressure Got Too Much

Despite his vocal speculations, Hall admitted that he didn't know what provoked tWitch to take his life. However, he said he understood how someone could get tired of the pressure.

tWitch's Friends And Family Criticize Hall

Stephen twitch Boss and his wife, Allison Holker
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Other friends of tWitch spoke to TMZ about Hall's comments saying it was insensitive, "Negligent and Self-Serving." It didn't help Hall's case that the speculation came during his promotion of a new personal project.

Debunking Hall's Speculations

Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime Talk Show
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Despite tWitch leaving a suicide note detailing the reason for his actions, nothing in it mentioned or referenced DeGeneres.

The source told TMZ that tWitch enjoyed working with the stand-up comedian and received a credit as a co-executive producer in the final season.

Survived By His Wife And Children

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss and his family at The Incredibles 2 premiere
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tWitch's wife was devastated by his passing so she didn't disclose the contents of the suicide note although she admitted its existence. tWitch is survived by his wife, Holker, and their three children.

Seek Help If You Feel Overwhelmed With Life

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Nobody ever truly knows what leads a person to take their life as it's often a culmination of reasons and not one thing. Hall hasn't responded to the backlash.

You can call the suicide helpline, 988 in America, if you're feeling overwhelmed with life and contemplating ending it.