Pamela Anderson Spills the Beans on a Wild Encounter With Jack Nicholson

Ashabi Azeez
Pamela Anderson
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For a while now, Hollywood's Pamela Anderson has been making headlines for her series of bombshell reveals all documented in her new book, Love, Pamela. The latest one to hit the digital space was an encounter Anderson allegedly had with fellow actor Jack Nicholson.

What Did Pamela Anderson Reveal About Jack Nicholson?

Jack Nicholson
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Ahead of the release of her memoir, the excerpts from her book were examined and according to Variety, the Baywatch actress stated that she once saw Nicholson in the throes of a threesome at the Playboy mansion.

The actress detailed all that she recalled in a paragraph that she walked in on Nicholson in the bathroom with two beautiful women. The paragraph read, "They were all giggling and kissing up against the wall, sliding all over each other. I walked by to use the mirror, bending over the sink to fix my lip gloss."

Her Bombshell Reveal Included Another Shocking Detail

Pamela Anderson
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The star noted that she avoided looking in Nicholson's way but couldn't help but steal some glances. According to her, their eyes eventually met and held, but something else happened. Anderson wrote in not-so-plain terms, "Trying not to look, but I couldn’t help myself and caught his eye in the reflection. I guess that got him to the finish line because he made a funny noise, smiled, and said, ‘Thanks, dear.’”

Tim Allen's Alleged Misconduct

Tim Allen

This is not the first time a reveal from Anderson's unreleased memoir could be making headlines. Earlier in the week, another detail got out about actor Tim Allen. The 55-year-old actress relayed that it had handed on the set of Home Improvement.

Allen Allegedly Flashed Her

Anderson recalled being 23 years old at the time on the first day of being on the set of the 1991 sitcom. She stated how she had been making her way out of the dressing room when Allen appeared in his hallway in his robe. She noted that he opened the piece of clothing to show her he was completely naked. He then proceeded to joke that it was only right she saw him naked since he had seen her in that way too. The actress shared that it was "uncomfortable."

Allen Denied

In response to Anderson's recollection, the 69-year-old Toy Story star made it known that it never happened. Allen told Variety that he would never do such a thing.

She Recalled Some Moments With Sylvester Stallone

Pamela Anderson
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Anderson's latest reveal is connected to Rambo star Sylvester Stallon and she shared bits of this in her Netflix documentary, Pamela, a Love Story. The former model shared that Stallone once offered to give her "a condo and a Porsche' if she would be his number one girl.

She Noted How She Turned Stallone Down

Sylvester Stallone
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Anderson stated that after his proposition, she wanted to know if there was a number two lady, and Stallone allegedly told her that was the best offer she could get. She mentioned, "He goes, 'That's the best offer you're gonna get, honey. You're in Hollywood now.' ... [But] I wanted to be in love. I didn't want anything less than that."

The Actor Also Denied Her Claims

The Rocky star through a representative replied to Anderson's claims stating that she made false and fabricated claims. He confirmed that he never made such propositions to her.

Inside Anderson's Latest Media Presence

Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson during her youthful days got famous for being a Playboy model and further skyrocketed when she branched into Hollywood. However, her notoriety also includes her long-time sex tape with her ex-husband Tommy Lee. At the time, the tape leaked and tainted her career. Now, Anderson is determined to tell her story her own way through her book and the Netflix documentary.