Unexpected Comedy As 'The View' Gets Interrupted By Drink Spill - And Fart Noise

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The View
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Hilarious things go on behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows, and sometimes they interrupt air sessions like this one that happened on the latest episode of The View, where audiences and viewers were treated to a drink spill and fart noise.

Keep reading for all the details of this funny moment.

Commotion On Set

Little mishaps occurred on The View during Wednesday's show, where the hosts jumped on the order of the day, which was interrupted by a drink spill that happened on the other side of the table.

Whoopi Goldberg's swift discovery helped co-host Sara Haines to safety, but things worsened as Haines moved her chair.

Is That A Fart Noise?

As Haines looked down to check the spill, she moved in her seat. Suddenly, a fart noise escaped from the microphone. A flustered Alyssa Farah Griffin quickly addressed the spillage.

"We had a little spillage on the other side of the table," she said in a bid to cover up the fart sound.

Haines, who tried to clean up the leakage with the help of Goldberg, confirmed it spilled on her pants.

Topic Of The Day

Before the interruption, the talk show started the day by discussing the classified documents discovered at former Vice President Mike Pence's Indiana home.

Initial Denial

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This is such controversial news because just last November, Pence denied the ownership of classified documents in his home in an interview with David Muir of ABC World News.

"There’d be no reason to have classified documents, particularly if they were in an unprotected area.”

What Is Pence Saying Now?

Mike Pence
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Pence, 63, said he discovered the records after an expose claimed President Biden stashed classified records dating to his vice presidency at a DC office and next to his classic car at this Delaware home. This is the latest case of high-ranking officials mishandling secret documents.

FBI & Justice Department's National Security Division

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department's National Security Division have begun reviewing almost a dozen documents in Pence's possession.

Possible 2024 Presidential Candidate

Mike Pence
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Pence will most likely run for president in 2024, and according to reports, he has no permanent residence and was living with family after he vacated office as vice president in January 2021.

The Federal Presidential Records Acts

A Gavel
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Under the federal presidential records act, presidential and vice presidential records must be turned over to National Archives at the end of each administration.

A Story Of Spills on 'The View'

Whoopi Goldberg

This isn't the first time disruptions have occurred on the show; most recently, Goldberg was interrupted by an audience member who called her an "old broad" in the studio, to which Goldberg replied.

“I am an old broad, and happy about it."