Patricia Richardson, Tim Allen's 'Home Improvement' Co-Star, Reacts to Resurfaced Flashing Clip

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen from 'Home Improvement'
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American actress Patricia Richardson recently made the headlines after a clip of her Home Improvement co-star, Tim Allen, flashing her resurfaced. Now, the starlet has opened up about the blooper reel moment. Find out more details below.

A Blooper Reel From 'Home Improvement' Resurfaces 

Recently, unearthed footage from the '90s ABC sitcom Home Improvement showed Tim lifting his kilt in front of his onscreen wife, Patricia, who appeared to laugh off the incident.

Details Of The Video 

The blooper reel began by showing Tim standing proudly in the kilt, while Patricia's character Jill Taylor joked, "hangs, long, I just wish it was shorter." A few seconds later, Tim turned to lift the kilt completely so only Patricia could see.

Patricia Is Shocked By The Sight

The actor's actions shocked Patricia as she grasped dramatically with the live studio audience roaring with laughter. Shortly after the clip resurfaced, Patricia reacted to the video in a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

Patricia Reacts To The Video 

Patricia Richardson
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The actress disclosed that people were curious about what was underneath the kilt when Tim flashed her. According to Patricia, Tim was well-dressed under the kilt. She further explained that her reaction was because her colleague lifted the kilt, not because he was in boxer shorts.

Pamela Reveals Shocking Details In Her New Memoir

Pamela Anderson accuses Tim Allen of flashing her
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The resurfaced clip and Patricia's statement come after Pamela Anderson claimed Tim flashed his genitals at her on the same Home Improvement set.

When Did The Incident Happen?

The incident allegedly occurred in 1991 when Pamela was only 23 and playing the role of Lisa in the show, which centered around Tim's character and his family in suburban Detroit. Tim was 37 at the time.

Details Of What Transpired

Recalling what happened in an extract from her memoir, Love, Pamela, the actress explained that on the first day of filming, she walked out of the dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his room.

Tim Allegedly Flashes Pamela

According to Pamela, the actor opened his robe and flashed her quickly, completely naked. Pamela claimed that Tim used the fact that she had previously posed for Playboy magazine at the time of the incident against her.

Tim Refutes The Claims

Tim Allen on 'Home Improvement'
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However, Tim denied the claims, noting that it never happened. According to the actor, "he would never do such a thing." To date, the details of that day remain unverified, as there were no other witnesses.