TV Fans Rejoice: The Return of Brookside

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Don't you just love when your favorite TV show makes a comeback after a long time off-screen? Fans of the iconic Liverpool-based soap Brookside are excited at the news of its return to television after 20 years away, and we have all the rundown.

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Brookside Is Back Baby!

After two decades off air, the soap is back on the TV screens across homes in the UK. The show showcases the characters' lives in 13 houses on the street called Brookside Close.

Incoming Nostalgia

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There's more good news for the fans. The soap will show from the very beginning, which promises to unlock so many core memories and evoke deep nostalgia among fans who watched the show when it initially aired in the 1980s.

Available Episodes

According to sources, the first 10 episodes of the show will be made available on STV Plater on February 1, and from then, five episodes will drop every week.

First Aired In 1982

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The iconic TV show first aired on Channel 4 on November 2, 1982, and immediately became a household favorite among viewers and lovers. Fans absolutely loved Bobby, Sheila, and Grant characters on the show, which also launched the career of many industry famous persons, including Anna Friel, Amanda Burton, and Claire Sweeney.

Old Episodes Remastered

Old episodes that are going to be rereleased are being remastered by Lime Pictures. Back then, the company was known as Mersey Television and it's spokesperson revealed that the show held a soft spot at Lime Pictures.

"Its strong social conscience combined with a powerhouse of Northern acting talent and writers made it unmissable viewing and formed a model of storytelling that has stood the test of time."

Millions Of Viewers Back In The Day


The show recorded massive turnout amounting to millions back in the day. It was created by Grange Hill and Sir Philip Redmond whose company also produced it.

First Openly Gay Character

Teenage character Gordon Collins came out as gay to his family on the soap in 1985, making him the first officially openly gay character in a British TV series. The show also had the first pre-watershed lesbian kiss in British history between Bet Jordache and Margaret Clemence.

Where The Actors Are Now

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Friel's career skyrocketed after the show, and she got into the American movie industry, where she appeared in Pushing Diaries. She also starred alongside Susan Sarandon in the Monarch and Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

Alex Fletcher from Hollyoaks, Amanda from Silent Witness, and Claire Sweeny of West End musical also began their golden careers on Brookside.


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The soap is currently available in part on All 4. It was brought to STV after they struck a successful streaming deal with distributor All3Media international.