76 Year Old, Felicity Kendal, Admits She Doesn't Care What She Looks Like

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Felicity Kendal
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Felicity Kendal, 76, was the talk of the internet in 2021 following her smooth facial appearance from Botox fillers. The actress revealed that she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her appearance, as her motive differs from what people think.

Getting Botox Fillers

Felicity Kendal at a talk show
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Kendal wrote a piece for The Times explaining that looking presentable is the end goal. She's aware the industry pressures women to look younger and pits them against each other, but that doesn't bother The Good Life actress.

Fillers Not Facelifts

Kendal distinguished between getting a facelift and fillers saying she's never had the former but dabbles with the latter. She got Botox since her sixties although the actress claimed she stopped in the early 2010s before continuing in the late 2010s.

Looking Good Is Good Manners

Felicity Kendal in the early 2000s
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The English actress described looking good as "good manners" rather than vanity based on nuggets from her mother. Kendal doesn't understand why people fussed over her Botox injection and subsequent advocacy.

Preening Isn't New

In Kendal's words, it's not a modern phenomenon to enhance bodily features. She said,

"Humans have been preening themselves for thousands of years..."

The actress cited body modifications like tattoos, wearing corsets to hide belly fat, and using wigs and hair extensions to look better.

Modern Beauty Standards Are Tame

Kendal likened recent beauty standards to old ones and added that modern fashion is tamer than it was in the Seventies. As a Seventies star, the 76-year-old had a firsthand insight into the fashion of that time.

Twice A Year Treatment

Close up of Felicity Kendal smiling
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Concerning her Botox treatment in 2021, Kendal admitted she got them every six months to prevent frown lines from forming. However, the actress revised her stance on getting face fillers, saying she gave it up.

Keeping Fit With Exercise

Kendal practices yoga and other exercises, from Pilates to Weightlifting, to keep her physique fit. It keeps her in the running for top roles in the industry as she can feel comfortable wearing clothes she likes.

Same Results Different Methods

Kendal's new love for exercising gives her the same results as if she got body surgery. Although she has to work out frequently to maintain her stamina and physique, she embraces it.

A Fit Grandmother

Now a grandmother of almost twelve grandchildren, including her late sister's children's children, the workouts keep her strong enough to handle playing with them.