Woman Creates Beautiful Designs On Her Driveway Using A Power Washer

I've always been artistic as a child and I still have some artistic abilities in me — at least I hope so ha, ha! So when I heard about this lady who used a power washer to create beautiful designs on her driveway, I knew I had to share her story.

If you, too, find it fascinating when people use different mediums to express their artistic abilities, you'll love this story.

Diana Wood has been an artist since she was a child.

Facebook | DL Wood

Although she has no formal art education, she loves making art using different creative mediums and making it fun.

She's been wanting a power washer for some time and she finally got her wish when her husband bought one for her 59th birthday.

She quickly put it to work.

First, she cleaned everything possible with her new power washer including the patio, the fence, the siding on the shop, several dirty shutters, and even the garbage cans.

Flickr | wlrbvtbr55

If you've ever had one of these tools, you'll understand that they can trigger a cleaning frenzy.

Then she decided to do the driveway.

Unsplash | Ian Schneider

But instead of just cleaning it she decided to make it into a creative project. She started with just words at first.

But, she quickly realized that words didn't cut it for her.

Facebook | DL Wood

She moved on to creating more elaborate designs of motifs from the natural world like birds and flowers.

When you look at these you would think she was a professional artist, but no, not quite.

Facebook | DL Wood

Diana actually worked for the government for 30 years and recently retired.

Her retirement afforded her the opportunity to work on more creative projects and the driveway seemed like a great one.

Facebook | DL Wood

Judging from the pictures, I say she was right.

In fact, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Facebook | DL Wood

After Diana posted pictures of her awesome driveway on Facebook the post took off and went totally viral.

People from all over the world started checking out the pictures, sharing them, and posting complimentary comments on her thread.

Facebook | DL Wood

She has since been written about in numerous articles.

Honestly, I don't know how she even does it.

Facebook | DL Wood

I wouldn't even know how to use a power washer. The fact she can create designs like this blows my mind.

She's even been contacted by the County Art Association to run an event where all the kids in the community come out and color in the images with sidewalk art.

That's an awesome idea!

She's been bombarded with positive messages from people all over the world.

Facebook | DL Wood

She's really grateful to see that her art is bringing so much joy to other people, too.

This just proves that wonderful things can happen when a caring husband gets an artist wife a power washer for her birthday.

Facebook | DL Wood

Indeed that's just what happened here.

Wow, what do you think of this story?

Are you as impressed as I am? I wouldn't even know where to start to create something like this on my driveway.