Royal Palace Unsuccessfully Tries to Discredit Harry and Meghan's Netflix Series

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In the aftermath of the Netflix documentary starring Harry and Meghan, the royal family's attempt at damage control is falling apart. The Duke of Sussex exposed several family secrets in the documentary and even more in his tell-all book, which doesn't sit well with The Firm.

The Palace Tries To Discredit The Series

Harry & Meghan on Netflix
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According to the Netflix series director, Liz Garbus, a Palace representative allegedly attempted to discredit the couple's bombshell allegations. They accused Garbus of neglecting due diligence and not fact checking the claims before allowing them go on record.

Garbus Clears The Air

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Garbus shared this story during a Vanity Fair interview, saying the representative's complaint was an attempt at discrediting the docuseries. While explaining the context behind that claim, Garbus revealed that she pushed for Harry and Meghan to use their platform to highlight the negative racist and colonial past of the royal family.

Backlash For 'Harry & Meghan'

Harry & Meghan on Netflix
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Royal family sympathizers heavily criticized the docuseries saying it was a one-sided account of things the audience couldn't confirm. They accused Netflix of not allowing Buckingham Palace to comment on the claims and debunk potential slanderous content.

Netflix Debunks The Rumor

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The production company immediately cleared the air saying it reached out to the Royals but got no reply. Netflix representatives attempted to contact King Charles and the Prince of Wales, William, Harry's older brother, to no avail.

Kensington Palace Defends Itself

The Royal Family
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In the ensuing back-and-forth about due diligence, the palace admitted to receiving some emails but claimed they came from a third party and not Netflix or Archewell. A communication representative for the Prince of Wales allegedly reached out to the latter companies for confirmation that they were affiliated with the third party but got no response.

Backlash For 'Spare'

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The tensions between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the royal family intensified when Harry released his memoir, Spare. His wife reportedly worried about its ramifications and potential backlash.

Exploring Colonial And Racist History

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Per Daily Mail, sources close to the royal family said there'll be no comments for now. Not on the racism allegations or the tenuous relationship between the siblings. The Duke of Sussex cites it as an example of the royal family's lack of understanding of Meghan's plight as a mixed-race woman.

More Material For Another Book

Prince Harry's memoir Spare
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Following the success of Spare, the Duke of Sussex revealed that there are more untold stories enough for another book if he wished. It's not the first time he's revealed information about the royal family's inner workings, especially relating to their treatment of his wife.

Telling Their Story

Oprah Winfrey during the Harry and Meghan interview

Before the Netflix series, the couple did an explosive interview with veteran talk show host, Oprah. In the Netflix series, Meghan asked the interviewer,

"Who better to tell our story than ourselves?"