Amy Robach Makes A Hasty Exit Following T.J. Holmes Affair Rumors

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Close-up shot of Amy Robach
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Why did Amy Robach make a hasty exit? well, you are in for the know-all.

According to Page Six, Yet another T.J. Holmes affair caught Amy Robach off guard as it kept getting messier. She was seen making her way to JFK Airport on Tuesday to catch a trip out of New York City.

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Making An Exit Amidst More Holmes Drama

Amy Robach making a quick exit
Page Six | Amy Robach/ Page six

The 49-year-old ABC News reporter was seen grinning at the photographers as she entered the airport, putting on a brave face. At the time, she was wearing a tan coat, black leggings, a hoodie, boots, and a carry-on suitcase that was light blue. The reporter pulled her hair back while finishing up her look with sunglasses.

Collateral Damage

Amy Robach grinning
Page six | Amy Robach/ page six

Robach felt like "collateral damage" earlier this week, according to a source who spoke to the U.S. Sun about the "scope of T.J.'s alleged past office romances."

"She certainly did not foresee that their relationship was going to cause major upheaval - outside of her marriage "She did not expect this to blow up into a scandal."

The source claimed.

Holmes Has Been Accused Of Having Multiple Affairs

T.J Holmes with his estranged wife
Page six | T.J Holmes/ page six

Holmes, who allegedly had an affair with his current girlfriend Robach for several months, was charged with having other affairs while still married.

Holmes Previously Had An Affair With A GMA Producer

TJ Holmes
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In 2016, the ABC News host allegedly had an affair with Natasha Singh, a producer for "Good Morning America," while still married to Marilee Feibig.

Was Amy Aware Of His Office Affair Trend?

Amy Robach
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According to a source, Amy was the person they went to discuss their affair and marriages, but according to another, Robach wasn't made aware of the affair until it was well underway.

Holmes Is Accused Of Having His Way With An Intern

TJ holmes
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More recently, Holmes was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old intern named Jasmin Pettaway in 2015. An insider described the infamous journalist as a predator who exploited his status and was careless.

“It was Jasmin’s first real job in television, and it was a big deal for her. She was looking for a mentor, and she reached out to several people. T.J. was someone who was responsive, but he absolutely abused the position of trust.”

Holmes Is Yet To React To The Allegations Leveled Against Him

Amy Robach with partner and T.J Holmes with partner
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Nevertheless, Holmes hasn't reacted to lurid claims made against him. In the interim, ABC has started an inquiry into the ongoing incident.

The futures of Robach and Holmes at the network remain unknown as they have been removed from the air.

ABC Is Currently Handling Their Exit

TJ Holmes
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Although a source reportedly told Page Six that both T.J. and Amy's legal teams are in touch with ABC as they discuss their prospective exit, their teams handle their clients' cases independently.

Splitting From Their Respective Partners

A shot of Amy Robach
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However, neither Holmes' nor Robach's 12-year marriages survived the exposure of their relationship, which started as a friendship and "stepped the line" last year. Shortly after Christmas, Holmes' wife filed for divorce.

According to reports, Robach's divorce from her husband, 55-year-old former Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue, is almost complete.