Promising Boxer Donovan Garcia Dies Tragically At Just 15

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The Boxing community has been thrown into mourning following the death of a promising 15-year-old amateur boxer, Donovan Garcia, who passed on the 17th of January following a car crash.

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Announcing His Passing

The awful news about the talented star's passing was made known by the family.

The Tragic News

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According to his family, Donovan Garcia, a well-known young boxer from Colorado who suffered serious injuries in a car accident, passed suddenly last week.

Donovan Had Achieved So Much At 15

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Donovan Garcia was only 15 though his achievements in the sports don't seem 15 as he was already smashing it in the boxing world. He had an impressive record - Donovan was gradually making a name for himself until the car crash happened which claimed his life.

He Was Involved In A Severe Car Crash

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According to a GoFundMe page set up by his family, the promising young boxer was engaged in a "severe automobile accident" on January 11.

He Fought For His Life

The fighter was brought to the hospital, where he fought for days to recuperate before tragically dying, according to his family.

Donovan Is At Peace

“Donovan fought his biggest battle and went 7 rounds, but he was tired,” the family said. “His family wants everyone to know that he is at peace and they are at peace with God’s will.

Bagged Titles

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According to his social media profile, Garcia won numerous significant honors over his brief career, including Junior Olympics State Champion and Silver Gloves State Champion titles. Plus more.

Made His Family Proud

No doubt, the young lad was proud and did make the family proud with his unique talent at such a young age, and we can only imagine if given a few more years what a star he would have become.

The Boxing Community Admired Him

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However, according to the obituary the family put up, many people, including the boxing community, admired him but of course, being remarkable has its perks too.

Selfless Kid

His family described the late boxer as a selfless kid with a heart of gold, which makes us wonder if the saying of wicked people living longer on earth is true, what do you think?

Boxing Was His Passion

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"Boxing was his passion & he won many championships including 2019 golden gloves. Donovan has a heart of gold and put everyone before himself."

Funeral Arrangement

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The funeral home reports that the following services have been planned: Service will be held at New Hope Ministries, 875 S, Lakewood, CO, on February 11, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

His Cousin Set Up A Go Fund Me Page

Over $5,000 has already been raised on the GoFundMe page his cousin Rosmina Garcia created. It aims to raise $15k.

A Boxing Reporter First Broke The News

Elie Seckbach, a boxing reporter, broke the news first on Instagram.