Austin Butler Dedicates His 2023 Oscar Nomination to the Late Lisa Marie Presley

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Austin Butler
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Actor Austin Butler recently aced his first Oscar nomination and is dedicating the achievement to the late Lisa Marie Presley. Butler's nomination comes in the wake of his role in the biopic, Elvis. The actor officially got his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor thanks to the biopic. Butler shared how he feels about being nominated. 

Butler Dedicates His Oscar Nomination To Late Lisa Marie

Austin Butler
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Butler won the Golden Globes for his portrayal of Lisa's father, Elvis Presley, in the 2022 biopic. In less than two weeks after Lisa's death, Butler was nominated for Best Actor. The actor recently spoke with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush on a morning episode of Today. The 31-year-old said he was in a bittersweet moment. He wished both father and daughter were alive to see that moment.

Lisa Marie's Tragic Passing

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Lisa died on January 11th after a cardiac arrest. The California native continued that it was strange timing to celebrate during the grief. However, he said it was a way to honor the late Lisa. "This is for her." He finally added. He was also in the second row during Lisa's Memorial Service on Sunday. 

Butler Is Elated About His First Oscar Recognition

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Earlier in the interview, The Carrie Diaries star described how he felt to be nominated for the first time. The actor said he was still processing the Oscar news. He continued that it was a "daunting undertaking making this movie."

Butler Once Detailed What It Took To Play The Music Legend

Austin Butler
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The actor said he could remember all the sleepless nights. He talked about all the fears and ways things could have gone wrong. Butler continued that a lot of amazing artists worked on the film. He shared that they all being recognized now felt surreal and amazing.

Elvis Was Nominated In Other Categories

Baz Luhrmann's Elvis also got seven other nominations. Some of them include Best Sound, Best Picture, and Best Cinematography. 

All To Know About Luhrmann's Biopic 'Elvis' 

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Ben Luhrmann's biopic titled Elvis was first announced in 2014. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the film. Butler got the role of Elvis Presley in 2019. In a magazine interview in 2019, Butler shared he has a musical background that was suited for his role. In 2020, Luhrmann talked about Butler's commitment and transformative abilities.

Production Faced Some Setbacks

The production process was not easy as Tom Hanks who played Presley's manager contracted COVID-19. Fortunately, in February 2022, the first footage for the film dropped. The film is focused on Elvis' life, career, and marriage. Other cast members in the film include Olivia DeJonge who played Priscilla Presley. Also, Richard Roxburgh and Helen Thompson played Elvis' parents. The film premiered on June 24, 2022.

The Presley Family Gave Full Approval Stamp On The Film

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Elvis's wife, Priscilla Presley gave her full approval of the film. In April 2022, she tweeted that the story was told brilliantly by Luhrmann. She continued by acknowledging Butler's outstanding performance.

Priscilla Presley Was Quite Supportive

In May 2022, Priscilla wrote on Instagram that she has watched the trailer a dozen times. She continued that Lisa had loved the film so much. Lisa had also said that her daughter, Riley would love the movie. Priscilla shared that hearing that brought tears to her eyes. She continued that she was able to relive every moment. It also took her and Lisa a few days to overcome the emotions.