Willie Nelson's 90th Birthday Bash: Celebrate With A Star-Studded Concert At The Hollywood Bowl!

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Close up of Willie Nelson
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It's not every day a music legend like Willie Nelson turns Ninety in good health hence the big bash the American star is throwing to celebrate. As a music icon, it was only right that upcoming, current, and past stars attended the event in honor of the Jazz singer.

The Headliners

Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson perform on Stage
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Nelson won't turn 90 until April but has already kickstarted preparations for the concert with a star-studded guest list, including fellow weed-lover Snoop Dogg, 51, Sheryl, 60, and Kacey Musgraves, 34.

Who Else Is Coming?

Kacey Musgraves performing
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Alongside the three headliners, the concert would have other country music stars, including Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton, Tom Jones, and Nelson's sons, Lukas and Micah. Reggaetón singer-songwriter Ziggy Marley would also appear on the grand stage.

It's About To Be A Blast

If the rumors and stories are anything to go by, then we know the partygoers are in for a treat! Recently Cher and Kelly Clarkson spoke about having a swell time on Nelson's tour bus, with the latter saying she got a contact high.

More Money For Nelson

More money for Nelson

The Country music star recently increased his net worth by selling his Tennessee home for $2.14 million. Nelson also has new music coming a month ahead of the concert despite being sixty years into his career.

New Music Is On Its Way

Willie Nelson performs on stage with his guitar
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The new music album, I Don't Know A Thing About Love, is part of a five-part documentary chronicling his life as he steps closer to 100. The documentary premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 20, ahead of his birthday bash, so it's going to be a month-long celebration for Nelson.

Where To Get Tickets

Willie Nelson
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Tickets aren't on sale to the public yet, but the early bird pre-sale started today, Jan. 25. The rest of the fans and the general public must wait until the weekend, Jan. 28, to cop their tickets from his website, willienelson90.com.

A Two-Day Affair

The concert would hold for two days, starting on Saturday, Apr. 29, his actual birthday, and ending on Sunday, Apr. 30. Both events are set to hold at the Hollywood Bowl, making it one of the biggest music events of the year alongside the Super Bowl happening two months before.

What To Expect From The Documentary Series

The documentary's directors, Oren Moverman and Thom Zimmy, said fans could expect stories from several decades in Willie Nelson & Family. They decided to make it five parts because they couldn't squeeze Nelson's expansive career into one hour per Deadline.

A Good Life

Willie Nelson performs on stage
Flickr | Stephen J Pollard (Loud Music Nature Lover)

Everyone who has encountered the singer has only had great stories to tell. He's lived a good life and continues spreading joy sixty years after breaking into the mainstream.