14-Year-Old Atlas Breaks His Silence After Mom Anne Heche's Death

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They say, "one never gets over the loss of a loved one you learn to live with it."

Nearly six months after Anne Heche's fatal vehicle tragedy in the Los Angeles community of Mar Vista, Anne Heche's 14-year-old son finally speaks up about his loss.

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Atlas Misses His Mom

In an interview with the Los Angeles Inquisitor magazine, Atlas Heche Tupper claims,

"My mom was the brightest person I've ever known, She always knew how to solve a problem, or help a friend. She always knew the right thing to do. I cannot put into words how grateful I am or how much I miss her."

Anne Was The Definition Of Light

James Tupper, the father of the 14-year-old, also commented on Heche with the publication. He said that throughout the period that Heche and he were together and had a lovely boy, she was the epitome of brightness in their life, constantly providing laughter, love, and enthusiasm. She will always be remembered in our hearts and minds, he added.

The First Time Atlas Has Spoken After His Mom's Passing

This is the first time Atlas has directly addressed his mother's passing on August 5, despite his half-brother Homer Heche Laffoon, 20, having stated through his rep on behalf of both of them regarding the family's decision to inter Heche's ashes at the renowned Hollywood Forever Cemetery just weeks after she passed away.

Homer Became The Estate Administrator

There have been many moving elements since Heche's passing, from the administration of her estate as it moves through the courts to the impending publication of a second biography.

Homer currently serves as the estate's administrator and personal representative. His appointment was made in December. Since then, the estate has been the target of at least three creditor claims.

Court Cases

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Court records state that the owner of the residence Heche crashed into is seeking at least $2 million. Lynne Mishele, who currently resides in that home as a renter, is asking for at least $2 million.

Allegations Still Pending

Then there's Thomas Jane, an ex-boyfriend of Heche's, who claims to have lent her $137,000 plus $9,814.79 in interest (at a rate of $18.77 per day) since November 8, 2022, plus an additional $2,291.85 in late fees, for a total of $149,106.04. In court, these allegations are still pending.

Homer's Statement

Before Atlas broke his silence about his mother's passing his older brother, Homer,20 had earlier made a statement to People;

"My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless sadness. Hopefully my mom is free from pain and beginning to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom."

Homer Completed His Mom's Memoir

Call Me Anne, Heche's memoir was posthumously completed and published thanks to Homer and others.

Call Me Anne Is Available Now

On Jan. 5, Homer posted the news to Heche's Instagram,

"My mom had a completed manuscript for a second book at the time of her passing. The book is the product of mom's further efforts to share her story and to help others where she could. Call Me Anne is the result and I know she was excited to share with the world."

He captioned the post.