Bizarre Accident: Dog Shoots And Kills Owner In Car On Hunting Trip

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A hunting trip horror recently occurred with a dog shooting and killing its owner in the car. The bizarre accident happened while the man was driving. There are other incidents of dogs being responsible for some horrific deaths. 

Dog Shoots And Kills Owner During Hunting Trip

A 32-year-old Joseph Austin Smith, who is a native of Wichita, Kansas was tragically killed by his dog on Saturday. The horrific incident was reported by the Summer County Sheriff's office. They informed the local outlet KWCH of how the accident occurred.

How The Tragedy Happened

The hunter's dog was in the back seat with a rifle. Unfortunately, it stepped on the rifle which caused it to discharge in the owner's direction. He had been eating in the driver's seat. The incident happened north of Geuda Springs.

Authorities Have Since Been Involved

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The Sumner County Sheriff's office recounted police intervention. The cops immediately responded to the situation. They found the man in the front seat and started CPR. However, he was pronounced dead at the scene. It is still not clear if the dog was hurt during the accident. 

Statistics Of Shooting Cases

According to the data procured from the Gun Violence Archive, there have been over 100 unpremeditated and accidental shooting cases in the United States since the beginning of the new year. In 2022, over 1500 shooting incidents were reported as unintentional.

Measures To Prevent Future Tragedies

There have been a lot of tragic deaths caused by dogs. The owner of a late 8-year-old malamute, Jennifer Heller, who experienced something similar, but with her dog being at the receiving end, decided to take a step. After her pup's death, Heller met with the Game Commissioner.

Hunting Spree Gone Wrong

In a hunting tragedy that occurred earlier this month, a family dog lost his life after an encounter with a hunter. Reports showed that the hunter mistook it for a coyote. The dog was Heller's 8-year-old Malamute. The late dog was one of the pets that went on a walk with Heller's husband, but after their leashes were taken off, they went off and came across the group of hunters.

The Malamute Died Before They Could Get To The Vet

The dog owners loaded their pet into the truck and while they were on the highway and on their way to the vet, the pup died. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Heller demanded that the hunter's shooting license be revoked.

On Hunting Incidents In The Past Weeks

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She informed TMZ that she was looking for ways to prevent such tragedies in the future. Other incidents of dogs killing people or being killed have been reported in the past. The dog killing its owner is the second hunting accident in many weeks. Not too long ago, a family's dog was sadly killed by hunters. The hunters mistook the dog for a wolf and shot it. 

Amazon Delivery Driver Killed By Two Dogs

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Another incident of dogs killing someone was reported in 2022. An Amazon delivery driver who was unidentified was mauled and killed by two dogs. The incident took place about 30 miles north of Kansas city outside a home in Excelsior Springs.

Neighbors Alerted The Police

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The neighbors noticed an Amazon van was running and parked on the street for a long time. They then called deputies to the scene. Ray County Sheriff Scott Childers talked about the scene. He shared that the driver was found dead on the front lawn.

There Were Two Dogs Involved


Beside the driver's dead body were the two dogs. Childers continued that the victim's body was filled with canine bites. Amazon later released a statement mourning the loss of one of its own. 

Missouri Sheriff Fatally Shoots Both Dogs

The two dogs responsible for the death of the driver were a German Shepherd and a mastiff. Childers shared the deputies were approached by the dogs while they were checking the victim's body.

The Dogs Tried To Attack Authorities In Charge

He continued that the dogs were growling and took a stance as if they were going to attack. The deputy pushed the dog away once but it returned more aggressively. That was the point when the deputy shot the mastiff.

The Animals Were Feral

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Childers shared that he entered the residence to locate the dogs. However, the dogs were being too aggressive and he fatally shot them both. Childers also said that the owners of the home were not present during the incident.