Savannah Chrisley's Life 'Falling Apart' After Parents Sentenced to Prison

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25-year-old Savannah Chrisley is going through "hell" as her life falls apart after her parents' sentencing. The reality TV star and daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley opened up about watching her parent go to jail to serve their lengthy sentences for fraud on January 17.

Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley

The Chrisley family
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Savannah shared her feelings on her podcast, Unlocked, with Savannah Chrisley saying it was a difficult week for her family. It hit them so hard that the podcaster took a break from work to process the thought of not seeing her parents at will for the foreseeable future.

Before The Crash

Savannah Chrisley speaks at a forum
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Savannah added that the podcast that the fans were about to listen to came before her life fell apart. She considers the 19-year combined sentencing (12 for Todd and 7 for Julie) hell for her family.

The Sentencing

Todd and Julie Chrisley on the red carpet
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A jury of their peers found Todd and Julie Chrisley guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion following a ten-year legal battle. They received their sentences for 19 years in Federal facilities, with Todd remanded at the Federal Correctional Institution in Pensacola, Florida, and Julie at a Medical Center in Lexington, Ky.

Behind The Smile

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While Savannah is always smiling (seriously, it's hard to find a sad or bad picture of her) and portrays a "happy-go-lucky" front, the actress warned her fans not to be fooled by the façade. The 25-year-old said she hoped her parents would survive the ordeal and win in court.

Reality Sets In

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It wasn't until they left for prison following Julie's birthday on January 12 that reality dawned on Savannah. The actress then promised to do her part as the big sister and check on the rest of the family with her podcast instead of her usual cheery topics.

Family Update This Week

This week, Savannah plans to record a podcast on the current life situation for the rest of the Chrisley Knows Best cast. She said it'll be an intense session with herself, her siblings, nannies, and the parents.

Steadfast In God

Savannah is a woman of the Christian faith, and she believes God can still intervene in ways we won't expect. The reality TV star thanked the steadfast fans who refused to desert them when the going got tough, and they fell from grace.

Savannah Is Now A Legal Guardian

Savannah Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best
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Meanwhile, the young adult stepped up to the plate by becoming the legal guardian to her younger brother, Grayson (16) and cousin, Chloe (10).

Still Claiming Innocence

Close up of Todd and Julie Chrisley
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The Chrisleys' lawyer said the couple plans to file an appeal and fight the sentencing. They maintain their innocence on all charges levied against them.