Lisa Marie Presley's Daughter Posts Heartbreaking Final Photo with Mom

Ashabi Azeez
Lisa Marie Presley
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As Riley Keough mourns the death of her famous mom, Lisa Marie Presley, she is grateful for the moments they had together. In her latest Instagram update, Riley shared a significant mom-daughter moment that displayed the love they shared.

Riley Keough Shared Their Last Photo Together

Lisa Marie Presley and daughter at restaurant
instagram | @rileykeough

The star actress pulled at millions of hearts on her Instagram feed as she shared a snapshot showing her and Lisa Marie posing at a restaurant. The snapshot could have passed for any glamorous mom-daughter snap, but it held a deeper meaning for Riley because it was her last with her beloved mother.

Riley Feels 'Blessed'

Riley keough
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In the one-photo post, the pair looked radiant sitting close to each other and leaning in for the snap. Lisa Marie looked lovely in an all-black outfit while sporting gold tint in her arm-length wavy mane. She threw her hair down leaving the luminous length ever stunning. Riley looked equally gorgeous in a silver sequined bra top that left her midriff on display. Like her mom, she poured her straight hair down while unwinding. She wrote in her caption:

"I feel blessed to have a photo of the last time Isaw my beautiful mama. Grateful @georgieflores took this.❤️"

Many well-wishers troped to the comment section with an outpouring of love displayed with their red heat emojis. Someone who seemed to have also been present during the hangout noted that they were, "thankful" for witnessing the moment Lisa Marie and Riley posed for the snap.

Lisa Marie Memorial Service

On Sunday, January 23, hundreds bade farewell to Lisa Marie at her Graceland property by participating in a public memorial and a procession. Several celebrities were present including Lisa Marie's family members. Riley had presented a touching tribute through her husband Ben Smith-Peterson.

Riley's Tribute Letter Was Quite The Bomshell

Lisa Marie Presley
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Riley penned from her heart reminding fans of the life that Lisa Marie lived and what she represented within her family. The Mad Max actress stated all that she remembered about Lisa Marie's motherhood. She also went on to let fans know she herself had become a mom.

Who Are Lisa Marie's Kids

The daughter of Elvis Presley was married four times, but she had kids with only two of her husbands. Lisa Marie married her first spouse Danny Keough in 1988 and they had two children, Riley, and Benjamin Keough. Her two daughters Harper and Finley were through her last marriage to Michael Lockwood. Benjamin passed away in 2020, leaving his mom devastated until the time of her death.

Lisa Marie Once Spoke Of Moving On

A few years after Benjamin's heartrending suicide news, Lisa Marie was able to open up about how she was coping. The late songstress shared that it was "a real choice to keep going.' She described it as a decision she had to make every passing day, despite it being so challenging.

Benjamin Wanted His Mom To Take Care Of His Sisters

Lisa Marie and Benjamin Keough
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She noted that she kept moving on, because it was what Benjamin wanted at his last moment, Lisa Marie revealed, "I keep going because my son made it very clear in his final moments that taking care of his little sisters and looking out for them was on the forefront of his concerns and his mind." The star mom included that her son adored his sisters during his lifetime.

Lisa Marie Was Buried Close To Ben

Lisa Marie
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The So Lovely crooner who died at 54, was buried close to her son, and across from her father. Other family members buried on the sprawling property include her grandparents and her dad's twin brother who died at birth.

Lisa Marie's Daughters Inherited Graceland

Lisa Marie inherited Graceland from her father when she was only nine years old, and by the time she was an adult, she was in full control. The star always made it known that she wanted the estate to stay in her family, and now it has been passed on to Riley, Finley, and Harper.