Britney Spears Transforms Into 'River Red' and Delights Fans With a Dance

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of Britney Spears
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Britney Spears posted another dance clip on Instagram yesterday; just days after ostensibly changing her name to River Red, she danced while changing into three different costumes on Sunday night.

The singer displayed her unique dances on Sunday night while grooving to three songs and changing into various outfits.

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Toning Things Down A Bit

Britney Spears on stage
Giphy | 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

She also made a self-reflective assessment of herself and how others perceived her when she was there. The pop artist said she was feeling "kooky and silly" but warned that if she doesn't tone it down, people will start calling her "CRAY CRAY."

Feeling Kooky And Silly

Britney Spears dancing

Lately, Britney has been posting videos of her dancing in a worrying way that gets fans questioning her sanity. Although she has noticed and has added that it's high time she stops as she is getting the wrong attention.

Changing Her Name To 'River Red'

Britney in a red Coca-Cola branded tube top and a red mini-skirt

The freestyle session followed a now-deleted post from last week that displayed a picture of Mars, said, "I changed my name to River Red," and cautioned readers not to undervalue the virtue of purity. To coincide with the news, she also modified her Instagram name.

Displaying Manic Behavior At A Restaurant

Britney Spears
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As reported by TMZ, Sam Asghari, Britney's husband, left a dinner in Woodland Hills this month when she became "manic" at their table. Sam and Brit each reacted to the commotion independently, denying that he had left her at the restaurant and claiming that the entire situation had been exaggerated.

She first wrote a reflection on her experience with the media, describing how she always feels on the defensive and wondering what it would be like to receive the type of attention that encourages you to love yourself.

Britney Often Gets Questioned About Her Mental Health

Britney dancing with a white dress

It's difficult to believe that anyone in the world, at least outside of politics, receives more daily remarks regarding their mental health than Britney Spears. She used to post innocent dance videos and receive a barrage of comments asking whether she was alright.

Turning Off Comments

Later, those remarks evolved into ludicrous hypotheses about her home and whether a third party was in charge of her social media accounts. She had to turn off the comments because it became that terrible.

Repeating Old Practices

However, up until now the singer still turns off her comments when she makes a certain type of post as she recently did while donning a cream-colored strapless dress.

What Happened After Her Conservatorship?

After Britney Spears' conservatorship ended, there was a lot of hope that she could live a better life with more freedom and options. That has undoubtedly had some success. The pop singer got married, put out new music, and did many other things against her father's rules.

Receiving Criticism

Britney Spears
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She's unfortunately also faced a lot of criticism for problems with her family, the Inappropriate content she occasionally uploads on social media, and other things. It makes sense that all of this has led her to start altering her behavior and thinking about how other people perceive her.