Four Men Arrested After Tragedy Strikes LSU Sorority Student Madison Brooks

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
LSU student Madison Brooks
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The Police have arrested four people, including a teenager, following a tragic occurrence in Louisiana, reports reveal. The culprits were taken into custody after raping a Louisiana State University student and leaving her, causing her to be hit and killed by a vehicle. Here are the details.

The Events Leading To Madison's Death 

According to the police, Madison Brooks was leaving a bar near the LSU campus around 1 am on January 15, 2022, when she entered the vehicle of the four suspects, Kaivon Deondre, Everette Lee, Casen Carver, and an unidentified 17-year-old.

Madison Was Visibly Drunk

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The victim was reportedly very drunk and unable to stand on her feet and speak clearly without slurring words. So, she allegedly got in the car and asked the four suspects to take her home. Unfortunately, the events that followed were anything but pleasant.

Two Suspects Ask Madison For Sex

Carver reportedly told investigators that Kaivon and the teenager asked Madison to have sex with them, and she agreed. However, he believed the victim was too drunk to know she was consenting to sex, and he hated it.

Madison Is Sexually Assaulted

Next, Kaivon and the minor proceeded to have intercourse with Madison in the car's back seat while Everette and Casen sat in front. After the incident, the suspects allegedly dropped off Madison at a random location.

Madison's Death

Having a blood alcohol content of .319 percent, four times the legal limit, Madison strolled into the middle of the road and was hit by a ride-share vehicle at around 3 am on Burbank Drive near Pelican Lakes Parkway. She later died in an area hospital.

The Suspects Have Been Arrested

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Unfortunately, the driver who hit Madison is not suspected of being under the influence and has yet to be arrested. On the other hand, the four suspects have been taken into custody and will be appearing before a judge.

Two Suspects Charged With Rape 

According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, Kaivon has been charged with third-degree rape alongside the minor, whose name remains withheld by the authorities due to his age.

Two Other Suspects Charged As Accomplices

Despite not having intercourse with the victim, Casen and Everette will not go home free unless proven innocent. Reports reveal that the pair have been charged as accomplices to third-degree rape.

Details Of Two Suspects And Madison's Educational Background

Kaivon and Casen are graduates of Walker High School, and the latter was also a member of the school's baseball team. On the other hand, Madison attended St. Scholastica Academy before getting into LSU, where she belonged to the Alpha Phi Sorority.

Madison's Sorority Pays Tribute 

Since Madison's demise, many have paid tribute to the victim, including the Alpha Phi sorority. The group took to social media to pay their last respects to their sister via an Instagram post.

Madison Was An Amazing Friend

Firstly, the sorority described Madison as a bubbly, lovely, and selfless friend. Next, they confessed that the victim left an indelible mark on their chapter, adding that they cherished the moments they spent with Madison and will never forget her.

Madison Was A Hero

The victim was also described as a hero who donated her heart and kidneys to save others. The sorority finished by sending their deepest sympathies to Madison's family while trying to support each other and heal from the pain.

LSU President Promises To Take Action 

In the meantime, LSU President William Tate says the school plans to take action by addressing the root cause of the tragedy — providing alcohol to underage individuals.

Addressing The Cause

According to him, they will call a meeting with those business owners to discuss how their responsibilities directly impact the safety of the students. Hopefully, the meeting will lead to positive results.