Farewell To Beloved Mexican Comedian, Polo Polo

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Polo Polo
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Sad day for friends, families and colleagues of popular Mexican comedian and entertainer Polo Polo who had just passed on at the age of 78. His family shared the news of his death with Mexican television Azteca, citing that he struggled with stroke and vascular dementia before eventually giving up.

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Announcing The Death

Born Leopoldo Roberto Garcia Pelaez Benitez and a celebrated stand up comedian with a career spanning decades. His son Paul Garcia told the news that his beloved father died at his home after a long battle with stroke.

Benitez's Life History

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The comedian was born in Leon, Guanajuato and first worked with the family business before he opted for comedy which was a hidden talent and passion.

Comedy Career

He began his comedy career and things really turned around for him in the mid-1970s. His comedy career made major progress and soon he was selling out theaters and comedy clubs.

Selling Out The Largest Venue In Mexico

Palo Palo performed in huge venues on sold out nights. One of the most remarkable milestone in his career was selling out the Crown Plaza which was the largest performance venue in Mexico City at that time.

Palo Palo's Unique Style

Polo Polo
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Throughout his career, the talented act maintained a unique style of delivery, mostly featuring complex storytelling, word play and adult humor. Audiences at his shows always reel with laughter- a reputation that has stayed till this day.

King Of Late Night Talk Shows

He became a household name in the 1980s and was hot on the list of late-night talk shows in Mexico, where he would treat the audience to a long night of funny stories.

Taking Over The United States

Polo Polo
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His talent extended beyond Mexico, and he eventually cracked the United States market in the 1990s, where he gathered a massive fanbase and organized shows in both countries throughout the length of his amazing career.

Comedy Albums

The comic released series of self-titled comedy album for the duration of his career under the stage name Polo Polo.

Major Influence

Apart from being a comedy icon and a successful showbiz guy, Benitez influenced a lot of up-and-coming comedians over the years who have taken a page from his impeccable delivery style and unique sense of humor.

Hosting In The 90s

The comedian hosted a TV Series, Con Ganas in the 90s which served as a platform for emerging comedians to show off their talents and routines.

Master Of Double Entendres

Polo Polo was popular for his adult-themed humor and use of double entendres, like he did in his "Son Para Adultos" live albums.

Touring The US

Polo Polo
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The icon toured the US at the peak of his career and made stops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Master Of All

The multifaceted talent also appeared in other television shows like Televisa’s ¿Qué Nos Pasa?, Cuento de Navidad and La Escuelita VIP.

One Last Time

His final appearance in a film was Crónicas Chilangas which was released in 2009.