Grandma Refuses to Babysit Unless She's Paid - What is Reddit Saying?

Jordan Claes
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Raising children is no small task. Every now and again, all parents need help and most tend to look to their own moms and dads for assistance every now and again.

However, an anonymous Reddit user recently became dumbfounded when her own mother asked to be paid for babysitting. She then took to Reddit to ask "AITA?" and was overwhelmed by the response she received.

It's Been Said That It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.

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Moms and dads need help every now and again. Therefore, it only makes sense that they'd look to their own parents in times of need.

Most Grandparents Relish Any Opportunity To Be With Their Grandchildren.

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However, there are those who choose to make things slightly more complicated.

Recently, An Anonymous Female User Sought Advice From Her Fellow Redditors.

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She began by explaining that she was a new mother and was on the cusp of returning to work from maternity leave.

The User Went On To Explain How Her Return To Work Was Done Out Of Necessity.

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She explained how the pandemic had greatly affected her and her partner's finances, and with a looming recession on the horizon — there was no way they could survive on a single income.

Somebody Had To Take Care Of The Baby, So She Turned To Her Mother For Help.

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The Redditor explained her situation to her mother and conveyed how she was the principal breadwinner.

"When I Explained All The[sic] Above To My Mom, She Then Proceeded To Say That She Will Charge Me $20/Hr For Each Hour She Takes Care Of The Baby, Plus Late Fees If We Are Late For Pickup."

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The mother also demanded a stroller be provided, as well as bottles and a carseat.

To Make Matters Worse, The Mother Outright Refuses To Step Foot In Her Daughter's Home.

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The Redditor claims that her mother has her own personal reasons for this decision.

Her Mother's Behavior Left Her In A State Of Shock

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"I want to save money to bring down our debt, and don't want to pay her as much nor invest as much in double of everything as it will spiral into more debt for me and my partner," she continued.

The Redditor Said She Was Also Considering Enrolling Her Child In Daycare.

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The cost for daycare would actually be cheaper in the long run, she argued.

Desperate For Answers, The Daughter Asked Reddit "AITA?"

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She also made sure to once again reiterate that her mom is home alone all day with nothing to do.

The Response Was Overwhelming, But Not In The Way She Had Hoped.

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Reddit almost unanimously agreed that it was the daughter, not the mother, who was the [expletive] in this scenario.

"Sorry To Be Blunt And Rude But Maybe Don't Have A Child If You Can't Afford To Take Care Of Them," Reddit User ImpossibleHand5086 Said.

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They went on to talk about how a return to work should've been discussed with the mother during pregnancy.

"Sounds Like They Can Afford The Infant Daycare And 'Simply' Wanted Their Mom To Be A Certain Type Of Mother And Grandmother," EmpressJainaSolo Echoed.

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The user continued on by saying that there is judgment on both sides and suspects this discussion is about a lot more than just childcare.

"Holy Entitlement, Batman. Your Mom Is In No Way Obligated To Care For YOUR BABY." - Reddit u/Unknown

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It just goes to show: never ask the internet a question unless you're 100% sure you can handle its response.

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