Frustrated Mom Walks Away to Get 'Fresh Air' as Babies Cry Alone

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A young mom of three shared her story of leaving her babies crying to get fresh air due to frustration. The story has gotten over 7,000 comments from other Reddit users. It has also gotten over 35,000 votes since it was published. 

A Frustrated Mom Shares Her Story

A 20-year-old mom recently left her triplets of two months to get air outside. She shared her story on Reddit with the account @TripletsMom0. The young mom shared she did not expect to be a mom of three. She wrote that she had to transfer her education online.

She Experienced Panic Attacks

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Sometimes, she just has to get fresh air when she cannot get them to stop crying. The mom shared that sometimes it gives her mini panic attacks. "I find myself getting super frustrated to the point of tears." She wrote.

It Was Important For Her To Take Time Off Sometimes

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The mom continued that it was important for her to step out sometimes. She wrote that their dad was not always home to help out. The mom has a baby monitor. With that, she can see everything and easily get to her kids. 

Her Fiancé Was Displeased

The Reddit mom later shared the reaction of her fiancé, 24, when he came home and met her outside. He freaked out and called her names. The mom continued he felt she was neglecting them.

Her Partner's Family Took Sides With Him

This turned her fiancé's family against her which broke her heart. She shared that she grew up in the system and her fiancé's family was her only family. The mom continued that she does not think what she did was wrong. Hence, she does not know if she should apologize or not. 

He Later Apologized To Her

After a while, the young mom gave an update on the incident. She showed her fiancé the thread and he apologized after going through it. He also promised to be more involved in parenting. The young mom then thanked Reddit users for their support. 

Reddit Users React To The Mom's Action

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A lot of Reddit users were empathetic toward the mom. One user said a nurse told her that if her child was okay but crying, she could go out. The nurse said it was okay to recollect herself for a few minutes before returning to her baby.

Reddit Users Agreed It Was Ideal To Step Out

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It was better for the baby to cry than for the parents to take out their frustration on the child. Another user wrote that the young mom was only tired and did nothing wrong.

Someone Suggested That The Father Of The Kids Should Be Actively Involved

Another suggested the father stay home with the babies for 12 hours. A lot of users supported the mom and complimented her strength. 

A Professional Take On The Challenging Issue

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A clinical psychologist in New York City, Dr. Jayme Albin, talked about the case with Fox News. She shared that the mom did nothing wrong. Adding that the young mom and her fiancé had different views.

Albin Stated That Being A New Mom Was Tough

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The psychologist said the couple needed to talk about what they felt comfortable with. Albin continued that it was not easy being a new mom. It is also hard to be a new mother of three with other families judging your actions.

The Young Mom Should Seek Professional Help

She also advised the young mom to seek out professional help. This is to see if she was suffering from postpartum depression. According to Mayo Clinic, enough rest is needed if dealing with multiple babies.