Prince Harry Takes a Back Seat to Kate Middleton's Popularity in the U.S.

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Prince Harry
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Prince Harry's memoir about his life and the royal family have paid off well for Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales is now the most popular royal in the United States despite declining popularity in the United Kingdom which also has her husband, the Prince of Wales, down by eight percentage points.

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Shall We Take It To The Polls?

Harry and Meghan
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An Ipsos Mori poll released earlier this week confirmed that the Prince and Princess of Suxxex's popularity is waning down in the United States as they're now viewed negatively by a large percentage of the nation.

Kate Middleton Takes A Lead

Kate Middleton
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Despite the explosive claims made by Harry in his newly released memoir, the tides seemed to have ruled in favor of the royals, as Middleton is now the people's favorite according to the same rating. She led the pack with a net approval rating of +26.

Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William

Queen Camilla
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Other members of the family who are now more popular in the US than Markle include Prince William, who got a +21, and his step-mom Camilla, who before now had been tagged a "home wrecker" in the United States.

The Status Before 'Spare'

Before Harry's highly anticipated tell-all went up for sale, their ratings were pretty intact. A December poll showed that the Duke of Sussex had an impressive rating of +38, while Markle stood tall at +23.

Where They Stand Today

Harry and Meghan
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Now, Harry stands at -7 and Markle -13, which means the book's release and the Netflix docuseries further worsened their popularity. The 18 to 24-year-olds appear to have been the least impressed by the couple's recent antics.

'Spare' Made A Record Breaking 1st week Debut

The controversial book broke world records by selling 3.2 million copies worldwide in its first week of release.

Harry & Meghan Stepped Down As Royals

Harry and Megan
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A series of events led to the creation of the memoir, the Netflix hit docuseries and other heavy allegations leveled against the royals by the couple. In March 2020, the couple officially stepped down from royal duties and relocated to California, where they purchased a nine-bedroom mansion for $14 million in Santa Barbara 4 months later.

Why Did They Decide To Leave

Harry and Meghan accused the press of attacking them and showing serious signs of racism towards Markle while the royal family sat back and watched it all go down.

Harry also accused his immediate family of fueling the press attack from the inside. The issue peaked when Markle confided in Harry about thinking of committing suicide which prompted their eventual exit.

Prince William And Kate's Role

Prince William and Kate
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The Duke of Sussex accused his brother and sister-in-law of treating Markle harshly and deliberately misunderstanding her on the "baby brain" issue when she tried to sort things out. William picked Middleton's side throughout the disagreement.