Sha'Carri Richardson in Hot Water After Plane Incident

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American athlete Sha'Carri Richardson is in the news for an altercation with one of the crew members on an American Airlines flight. The star runner wanted to know if it was okay to sue the airline service for the alleged poor customer service and racial profiling.

Spilling The Tea

The 22-year-old Richardson shared a video via Instagram showing the incident on the American Airways plane. She recorded herself arguing with a male flight attendant who allegedly harassed and jumped her.

Richardson's Account Of The Incident

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Richardson narrated the incident saying the flight attendant asked her to switch off her mobile phone and end a call she was on. The athlete objected to his tone and subsequent invasion of privacy as the male flight attendant continually peered into her cell.

No Help From Anyone

Richardson blamed the Captain and other male passengers for standing by without helping while the male attendant disrespected her. Upon getting off the flight, someone allegedly told the athlete that she'd get banned for speaking up.

Passengers Attack Richardson

The passengers called Richardson selfish, saying she was holding the flight, but the athlete felt they focused on the wrong thing.

Richardson ended the note by saying she didn't mind getting the heat if her video stopped other people from harassment on American Air.

The Athlete Gets One Supporter

Richardson had a few supporters, like one female passenger who noted that it was an avoidable situation. However, the woman asked for an autograph leading people to think her opinion was biased.

Richardson Wants No Judgement

While expressing her frustration, another airline worker came to boot Richardson out of the airplane, and some passengers clapped. Richardson hated that those people didn't understand the context of the argument before concluding that she was at fault.

Potential Legal Action Coming Soon

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Now the athlete wants to pursue legal actions against American Airlines. She's not the first black American athlete to run in with the airline company as Odell Beckham Jr. suffered the same fate last November.

OBJ Shows Solidarity

The Airline released a video in OBJ's case showing another angle of the altercation. In light of that, Richardson warned against judging her based on a potentially doctored video. OBJ commented on one of the athlete's videos, saying,


Sha'Carri's Fans Call Her Out

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Some other commenters told the athlete that she made an error when she turned her camera at the attendant during his safety demonstration.