Gemma Atkinson is Growing her Family with Gorka Marquez

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez
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Strictly Come Dancing's Gemma Atkinson is expecting a new baby with her partner, Gorka Marquez. The couple announced via Instagram that they'll welcome a baby boy later this year making it their second child together.

The Big Announcement - Three Become Four

Atkinson and Marquez made a joint post showing off the professional dancer's baby bump now that it's getting too big to hide. They feel blessed to welcome another child into the world four years after their first child.

Mia Is Ready For Her Brother

The baby announcement post included a shot of their three-year-old daughter, Mia cuddling her mother's bump. Atkinson said the toddler had already picked a name, Barbie, for her younger brother. Since it's a feminine name, the parents admitted they're renegotiating with Mia.

A Happy Family

The third slide showed Mia and Marquez beaming joyfully as they took a family selfie for their joint announcement. This news comes two years after getting engaged but postponing their wedding. Marquez and Atkinson blamed the postponement on their busy work schedules.

Dealing With Busy Schedules

A selfie of Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson
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Later, Atkinson said getting pregnant and having a baby is a better use of her resources than planning a lavish wedding. She hasn't mentioned how this new reality would affect the Strictly Come Dancing Tour, as Marquez is currently on the road.

Getting Married Soon

As Atkinson mentioned during a recent podcast, getting married and making their partnership legal is still top of the list. The dancer said she and her partner almost went through with the legal aspect twice, but something always came up.

No Serious Planning

Atkinson admitted that she's been too relaxed with the wedding plans as she has no requirements. There are no bridesmaids, wedding dresses, venue, or meals. Getting overwhelmed almost made them cut out the ceremony part of their nuptials.

No Disappointing Family

The dancer, however, admitted that the thought of her family's disappointment at an exclusion stopped her. Now that she's expecting a new child, she focuses on becoming the best mother to her children.

Dealing With PTSD Post-Mia

Atkinson said she suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after birthing Mia through an emergency C-section. She also went through other health hazards, including losing several liters of blood.

The Best Childbirth Experience

This year, Atkinson wants the best childbirth experience, so, she's mentally preparing herself for the moment. She has her partner Marquez and daughter Mia there with her.